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Hamsasana (Swan Pose): Steps, Benefits And More

Hamsasana is an intermediate balancing pose that also requires the active involvement of the arm, shoulder-length, core, glutes, and toes. In benefits, Hamsasana increases the energy level. And improves focus and concentration.  What Is...

Supta Virasana: Steps, Benefits And More

Supta Virasana is one of the greatest Yoga Poses. It is a variation of the Virasana Yoga pose. Supta Virasana is also known as Reclined Hero pose and Reclining Hero Pose. This yoga pose...

Vatayanasana: Steps, Benefits And More

Vatayanasana, a classical Ashtanga Yoga collection pose. It looks like an aggregate of Garudasana (eagle pose) and Ardha Padmasana (1/2 of lotus pose). It’s a balancing posture that objectives specifically quads, glutes, and internal...