Plavini Pranayama Steps And Benefits

Plavini Pranayama is not a kind of yoga, but a way to breathe and release, so that we can lighten our body while controlling the vitality of our body. If you want to be healthy and keep the digestive system strong, then Plavini Pranayama always keeps you healthy. At the same time, it also awakens Kundalini.

Plavini Pranayama is also called Yogacharya Kevali Pranayama, although there are other ways to do Kevali. Due to the good practice of all pranayamas, Kevali pranayama starts happening automatically, but still, the seeker can practice it if he wishes to practice it. This pranayama should be done in consultation with a yoga guru.

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What Is Plavini Pranayama?

Plavini is a Sanskrit word that means “Swim”. It is considered as if a lotus leaf floats on the surface of the water, similarly, a person doing this pranayama regularly can make his body so light that his body is also on the surface of the water like lotus leaf Kept swimming Plavini pranayama is a kind of breathing activity that is a kind of exercise that any person can do.

In this pranayama, the breaths are taken inside the body with the help of a nasal and released outside. So much we all know that to get the desired result, any human being has to practice a lot and by practicing any action, again and again, the human being is mature, only then we get the benefit of the result associated with that action.

Ways to get it. How different this pranayama is from other pranayams and what is the process of doing it, now we know it.

The process of doing this pranayama easily makes it different from other pranayams. To understand this thing well, we have to understand its process.

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Plavini Pranayama

Method Of Performing Plavini Pranayama:

Beginners are advised to do Plavini Pranayama in meditative sitting postures to initially increase the breathing retention capacity of the lungs. Similarly, people who are new by repeated practice and While doing this pranayama, he will get maturity and then he will be able to do it easily in any asana.

Step 1:

First of all, take a long breath and do Kumbhak according to your capacity. Kumbhak means try to hold the breath and remember that you do not put too much pressure on your lungs and heart.

Step 2:

The best way to stop the breath after filling in the lungs and stomach is that of Jalandhar Bandha, in Jalandhar Bandha you have to bow your neck forward as we bow before God while we pray.

Step 3:

Now to exhale, slowly straighten the neck, slowly release the breath, and keep in mind that we have told you earlier that you can hold your breath as much as possible by practicing repeatedly. Only your ability will increase, only the initial people have to understand this.

Step 4: Plavini Pranayama

This will happen that when you start doing this pranayama regularly, then your body will start getting into its right shape and they will also start getting in their proper shape due to the swelling of the abdominal organs.

Step 5: Plavini Pranayama

Repeat this process 4 to 5 times daily.

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Benefits Of Plavini Pranayama:

This pranayama improves digestion power by eliminating constipation. Due to this, the life force gets purified and lifespan. It is also helpful in keeping the mind stable and calm. With this, memory is developed, at the same time a person can control his hunger and after practicing this pranayama fully, one can move hands and feet in water for hours. So, see below the benefits of this Pranayama.

Improves Digestion Power:

By doing this pranayama, the digestive system improves, and those concerned about constipation benefit from doing this pranayama.

Improves Memory:

There is an increase in the attention power of human beings and this also improves memory.

Reduce Anxiety:

It is useful pranayama to remove anxiety and anger.

Reduce Stress:

This pranayama is very beneficial for calming the mind and working out stress.

Helps To Master Swimming:

This pranayama is considered to be the best for mastering swimming.

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Precautions Of Doing Plavini Pranayama:

There is no harm to Kumbhak Pranayama. By doing pranayama, the body remains healthy. Also, there is the purification of the body. Before doing any pranayama or yoga, be sure to know its rules.

  • You should practice this pranayama only under the supervision of an expert.
  • You should do this pranayama on an empty stomach, at least 5-6 hours after having a meal.
  • If you have stomach or chest pain, do not do this pranayama at all.
  • If you have any liver related problem, then it is prohibited to do this pranayama.
  • Do this pranayam only in a calm nature.


This pranayama is considered the best pranayama. This Pranayama is also known as Plavini Pranayama. As long as a yogi remains in the state of this pranayama, no disease, death, etc. affect him. By doing this pranayama, spiritual progress happens very quickly. One gets very miraculous achievements. All diseases of the body are destroyed. By doing this pranayama slowly, its time should be increased, because even for a single moment during the time of Kumbhak, the meditation of God is fruitful many times.

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