Bhastrika Pranayama Steps To Do And Benefits

Bhastrika Pranayama is a very good breathing practice that keeps the body healthy and the mind happy. It is beneficial for heart and brain patients to perform this pranayama helps to achieve a miraculous magnitude. According to Ayurveda, it helps in reducing phlegm from the body. Bhastrika is a type of pranayama that looks similar to Kapalbhati but is very different from it. Come, let us know in detail the way of doing this Pranayama and the benefits from it.

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What is Bhastrika Pranayama?

“Bhastrika Pranayama” is a Sanskrit word in which the word “Bhastrika” means “bellows”. The blower is a device previously used by the blacksmith, it is made of leather, it was used to ignite the fire. Have you heard about the yogic breath of fire?

It is a breathing technique known to produce heat in the body. Bhastrika is a powerful and energetic pranayama in yoga breathing practice. Kapalbhati is also a breathing technique that mimics sneezing and involves the stomach, but this Pranayama is through the chest and it engages the lungs. Let us know in detail the method of this pranayama and its benefits.

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Preparatory Poses Of Bhastrika Pranayama:

The preparatory pranayama and yoga you should do before this Pranayama are…

  • Kapalbhati
  • Sukhasana
  • Padmasana

Bhastrika Pranayama

Steps To Do Bhastrika Pranayama:

Below are the ways of performing Bhastrika Yogasana which you can easily do it by following-

Step 1:

Morning time in the day is good for doing Bhastrika Pranayama. By selecting a clean, flat place, the first posture should be laid there.

Step 2:

This pranayama can be done by sitting in Padmasana or Sukhasana. While doing this pranayama, it is very important to keep your body in a stable state.

Step 3:

Now make sure that your head, throat, back, and spine are straight. And while doing this Pranayama, keep your mouth completely closed.

Step 4:

Now take full breath from both your nasal cavities at one speed. After taking in a full breath, exhale the entire breath at a speed through both nasal cavities. The speed of inhalation and exhalation should be as rapid as that of “blower” and the inhalation should be taken in and out completely.

Step  5:

While doing this pranayama, when you breathe in and out, then the lungs should swell. And when the breath is exhaled, then the lungs should be contracted.

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Bhastrika Pranayama

Benefits Of Bhastrika Pranayama:

There are many benefits of this pranayama. So, see below these benefits of Bhastrika pranayama…

Beneficial For Asthma:

This Pranayama is a great yoga practice for asthma patients. It is said that regular practice of this pranayama will not only reduce asthma, but it will be eradicated forever.

Lose Weight:

This is one such pranayama that can reduce your weight. But to reduce belly fat and weight, it is effective when it is done for 10 to 15 minutes per day.

Beneficial For Lungs:

It is a good breathing practice for the lungs. It makes the lungs healthy and increases their ability to work. Apart from this, it affects the respiratory system and treats all lung related problems.

Helps To Remove Impurities Of Blood:

In Bhastrika Pranayama, when we inhale forcefully, a lot of oxygen goes into the lungs, which helps in purifying the blood. With this, Vata (wind or spirit), Pitta, and Kapha are balanced so that the body can be made healthy.

Improve Concentration:

Our brain is the most important part of our body. Bhastrika Pranayama keeps the mind healthy and helps it to concentrate, due to which we are able to do any task correctly. This pranayama helps in Kundalini Jagran.

Keep Away Brain Disease:

It is our brain that gives us the ability to understand thinking, so it is necessary to be healthy. Many types of diseases in the brain like depression, migraine, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, etc. can be done to treat it. Bhastrika pranayama is a very good solution.

Avoid Various Types Of Disease:

This helps to strengthen our body’s immune system. This asana generates heat in the body due to which cold, flu, sinus, asthma are completely cured. Thyroid, tonsils, and all help to relieve throat problems. Heart related diseases like angina, arterial obstruction, etc. can also be cured by regular practice of Bhastrika Pranayama.

Reduce Belly Fat:

Bhastrika pranayama is one such pranayama that is effective for reducing belly fat. But its practice is constantly necessary.

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Precautions To Do Bhastrika Pranayama:

Before doing any yoga, it is very important to have complete information about it, only then you can take maximum benefit of that yoga practice. Before doing Bhastrika Pranayama, keep in mind the following things…

  • Patients with high blood pressure and heart problem should not do this pranayama.
  • You do this pranayama first slowly, then moderately, and then in a fast way.
  • Practice under expert guidance.
  • Those people who are suffering from increased body heat should avoid doing bhastrika.
  • High blood pressure patients should be removed through the mouth instead of the nose.
  • Do not exceed the practice of Bhastrika for a maximum of 2-minutes during the summer season.

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So, these are the benefits of this pranayama. Hope here I have described how to do Bhastrika pranayama perfectly and will help you to practice this pranayama.

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