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yoga to lose weight after C section delivery

Yoga To Lose Weight After C Section Delivery

Image C-section of women starts gaining weight after delivery and the stomach starts coming out. Pregnancy is a stage in which the body goes through many physical changes. Getting back in shape after a...
Breathing exercize

Yoga To Reduce Breathing Problems

Image In this Corona situation one must stay healthy and take care of yourself. One of the most important part of this care is yoga. You have to keep an eye on the respiratory...
Hip circle

Chair Yoga To Relieve Back In Work From Home Time

Image Constant sitting, standing or sitting or standing in the wrong posture results in pressure on the hip joint. If you do not exercise, the muscles become stiff and the pain increases. Practicing the...

Anantasana Yoga Steps To Do And Benefits

Image Anantasana is an important yoga posture. This asana is also called Vishnu asana because it is named after Lord Vishnu. Doing Anantasana Yoga is very beneficial for our body. By doing this yoga...