Tadasana Or Mountain Pose Steps And Benefits




Yaga is very good for your health in your busy lifestyle. It keeps your health calm as well as your mind. One of those yogasana is Tadasana. Tadasana is a fundamental asana of yoga because this asana is the basis of many asanas. By doing Tadasana, you can get rid of many health problems.

Tadasana is the only one that helps to overcome many of your problems. It is also very easy to do. If you also want to keep away your health problem, then definitely include it in your workout routine. Today I am going to tell you about the benefits of doing Tadasana regularly.

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Tadasana 1


What Is Tadasana Or  Mountain Pose?

Tadasana is made up of two Sanskrit words “Tada” and “Asana”. Here “Tada” means “Mountain” and “Asana” means “Pose”. Tadasana Yoga posture is very effective for stretching both the legs and the body and for increasing the length.

Apart from this, doing this asana has many benefits to the body. It keeps us away from various disorders and also removes the problems of the body.

Preparatory  Pose:

Before doing Tadasana, you must do this asana:

Tadasana 2


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Steps To Do Tadasana Yoga:

Mountain Pose can be done at any time of the day, but you just have to keep in mind that you should do Tadasana on an empty stomach or if you want to do it only after having meals, then close to doing this asana. Eat four to six hours in advance. Apart from this, if you have never done Tadasana before and you are going to start now, you may have some problem in the beginning. You may have pain in standing on the toes with your ankles raised. For this you should practice it slowly with patience.

Step 1:

Stand upright on the floor and maintain a small distance between the two legs.

Step 2:

After this, keep your hands completely open while touching the body. There is no tension in your hands nor your fists are closed.

Step 3:

Now while breathing, raise both your arms up and interlock the fingers of the hands.

Step 4:

After this, raise your heels and stand on the toes. Now feel the stretch from the feet to the toes and the body.

Step 5:

Stay in this posture for a while while breathing.

Step 6:

Now, while exhaling, come to the posture of relaxation.

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Tadasana 3


When And For How Long Should You Practice?

Doing it in the morning is considered to be the most beneficial. But if you cannot find time in the morning then you can do it anytime of the day.

It should not be done immediately after eating food. Because then it takes energy to digest food, that is why you will not be able to delay it.

Do this at least 3 to 4 times. You can take 1-2 minutes rest in between.

Tadasana 4


Benefits Of Tadasana:

There are many benefits Of Tadasana. This makes the whole body flexible as well as prevents it from becoming stiff and stiff. It is a yoga practice that not only makes the muscles but also the muscles of the small muscles very flexible. So, let’s know about the benefits of Tadasana.

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Increase Height:

Performing Tadasana causes stretch in the legs, fingers and other parts of the body which increases the length of the person. To increase the length of young children, they are also advised to do this asana.

Regular Menstruation Cycle:

This asana has many benefits rather than one. By doing Tadasana, the problem of irregularity in menstrual cycle is overcome in women and their period comes on time. Therefore, women should do this asana.

Tone The Body:

If you do Tadasana, this asana works to tone the hips, buttocks and abdomen. This does not make the body feel heavy and you feel lighter. Therefore you must do this asana.

Strengthen Body:

By doing this asana, the ankle, knees, thighs, arms and legs of the body are very strong. This makes your body more rigid and you look absolutely healthy.

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Improve Breathing:

Tadasana improves both digestion and breathing and you do not have to face any problems related to it. If you have any such problem then you must do this posture.

Reduce Constipation:

If you do Tadasana, then you will get the biggest benefit in removing constipation problem. Apart from this, this asana is also very helpful in removing sciatica.

Makes Your Legs Strong:

Tadasana strengthens the muscles of the feet, thereby relieving many problems such as swelling, pain, numbness or tingling.

Relief Back Pain:

This is a very beneficial yoga for back pain. By doing this yoga correctly and regularly, you will get rid of back pain forever. While doing this asana, you pull upwards, which causes cramping on the back. This makes your pain disappear.

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Get Rid Of Piles:

Piles patients get relief by doing this asana regularly. Apart from this, your arthritis pain will also go away.

Removes Tiredness:

By regularizing this asana, body fatigue is eliminated and there is agility in your body. This does not hold you back from doing any work.

Relief Knee Pain:

If you are suffering from knee pain then you should practice this asana. But keep in mind that in this you have to keep your sole on the ground and do not do this asana by coming on the toes.

Increases Mental Awareness:

Yoga is not only about the physical form but also meditation. This mudra helps you to connect with your deep consciousness and expands your mental awareness. You will feel more alert, calm and creative.

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Improves Your Mood :

If you have a bad day, practice Tadasana. It can help defeat depression and strengthen the nervous system. Your memory will improve and you will be able to focus on those matters which need attention.

Reduce Laziness:

By doing this asana, blood flow in your body properly, Which helps to overcome laziness.

Tadasana 5


Precautions Of Doing Tadasana:

1. Tadasana should not be done for people who have severe pain in their knees.

2. Pregnant woman should not do this asana. This can cause harm to both mother and baby.

3. If you are learning to do this asana, then do not do this yoga practice on the toes.
In the same way, there are many more.

4. Even if the blood pressure is high or low, this asana should be avoided.

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Follow Up Poses Of Tadasansa:

After doing Tadasana, there are many more yoga postures that you can include in your regular yoga routine. Performing this asana provides benefits to the body just like Tadasana.

All these poses are very effective like Tadasana and help in balancing your posture. Apart from this, these asanas provide relief physically and mentally. You should do all these asanas after consulting a counselor.


Tadasana, it is a very simple asana which can be easily done by people of any age.  By adopting this yoga, the whole body becomes flexible. This yoga practice not only keeps you fit, but also gives your body shapely and beauty. By adopting this, the body’s fat is melted, which makes your personality attractive.

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