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Bhadrasana is a basic yoga pose suitable for beginners. It is a favorable posture for meditation because it is comfortable and can be done for longer periods. Bhadrasana yoga is also called ‘Gracious Pose’ in English. The practice of Bhadrasana Yoga calms the mind and makes the body healthy and beautiful. It also activates the mooladhara (basic) cycle. This yoga is very beneficial for our lungs and digestive system. Let us know in detail the method of doing Bhadrasana yoga and its benefits.

What Is Bhadrasana?

Bhadrasana is one of the four main asanas of meditation of Yogi Atmaram, author of Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Bhadrasana is mentioned as the fourth posture in Hatha Yoga Pradipika, is suitable for sitting for long periods of time. Yogis can get rid of fatigue by sitting in this posture.

Bhadrasana is a Sanskrit word that is made of three Sanskrit words. The first word of Bhadrasana is ‘Bhadra’ which means ‘Auspicious’ and the second ‘Asan’ which means ‘Yoga Pose’. This yoga is called “Gracious pose” in English.

This mudra is known as the ‘destroyer of all diseases’ by the classical Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Let us know in detail the method of performing Bhadrasana Yoga.

Preparatory Poses:

Before doing Bhadrasana yoga, practice some of the asanas given below, which will make you easier to do this asana-

  • Vajrasana Yoga
  • Sukhasana Yoga
  • Padmasana yoga
  • Mandukasana Yoga

Steps To Do Bhadrasana:

Bhadrasana yoga is a simple yoga asana, it is very easy to do. People of any age can easily do this yoga. Below are some steps to perform Bhadrasana, with the help of which you can do it easily.

Step 1:

To do Bhadrasana, first of all, spread a yoga mat on the floor and bend both knees on it.

Step 2:

You can also sit directly in Vajrasana to do this yoga asana.

Step 3:

Sit the toes in contact with the floor and keep both your hands straight on both knees.

Step 4:

Now spread both your knees as much as possible from the front. Keep in mind that your feet stay in contact with the floor.

Step 5:

Keep your hips wide between your legs to keep your feet wide.

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Step 6:

Keep your spine straight and focus on the center of the tip of the nose.

Step 7:

If you feel a strain or heaviness in the eyes, then close them for a while.

Step 8:

Then you take slow and deep breaths and relax the whole body.

Step 9:

You can live according to your ability in Bhadrasana Yoga.

Bhadrasana Yoga Benefits:

Bhadrasana yoga asanas are very beneficial for our body. It keeps us away from many types of problems occurring in our bodies. Let us go into its benefits in detail.

Enhance Digestion:

Bhadrasana is a natural and safe method for treating acidity, constipation, and many stomach problems. While doing this yoga asana there is pressure in your stomach and intestines which also enhances the digestive process. Bhadrasana yoga provides a gentle massage of the internal abdominal organs that tones the abdominal muscles.

Increase Confidence:

Bhadrasana yoga is very beneficial to increase self-confidence. This yoga promotes feelings of security, inner stability, and confidence by activating the Muladhara Chakra located at the base of the spine. Muladhara Chakra forms the basis of our spiritual development. Through the mooladhara chakra, we get nourishment and are able to move towards the state of self-realization.

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Reduce Fatigue:

Bhadrasana yoga is very beneficial in reducing fatigue. This yoga is considered good for those who are troubled by the fatigue of the day. This yoga is a completely breath-based practice to increase blood flow. In this way, this yoga unlocks the store of dormant energy in us.

Strengthen Back:

To strengthen your back you should do Bhadrasana yoga, it will benefit you. This yoga promotes a healthy and strong spinal column. During the performance of the asana, the spine is stretched which helps to strengthen its natural curve and helps reduce back pain. This yoga is beneficial for those who work on sitting at the desk and to cure their back pain.

Relieving Varicose Veins In The Legs:

Doing Bhadrasana yoga relieves varicose veins in the feet. Varicose veins indicate irregular blood supply to the heart and cause health problems for a long time. These varicose veins usually appear in the lower limbs after prolonged sitting in heels or excessive walking. This yoga is soothing for varicose veins.

Smooth Delivery:

Bhadrasana is a good prenatal yoga asana for smooth delivery. This yoga is very beneficial to increase and strengthen the pelvic floor. When the knees are distended to perform this yoga, it extends the pelvic floor and prepares the muscles of the women for smooth delivery.

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Treats Stomach Problems:

Bhadrasana is a natural and safe way to treat acidity, constipation, and many stomach problems. This asana enhances the digestive process. Good digestion is one of the well-known health benefits of This Yoga.

Spiritual Benefits:

Yogis have practiced Bhadrasana Yoga to obtain spiritual benefits. This is a meditation posture, its practice is calming for the brain. This yoga reduces hyper mental activity and helps to relax.

Other Benefits:

  • It is a useful yoga asana for sitting in meditation.
  • By doing This yoga, concentration increases, and the mind is sharpened.
  • Spasticity of mind is reduced and it helps to put a mind in one place.
  • This yoga increases fertility.
  • By doing This yoga, the digestive power remains fine.
  • This yoga strengthens the leg muscles.
  • There is relief in problems like headaches, pain, weakness of eyes, insomnia, and hiccups.

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Precautions To do Bhadrasana:

Bhadrasana yoga is a simple asana, but before doing this asana, you should keep in mind the following things-

  • People with joint pain or weakness in the feet should not practice this mudra.
  • People who experience any kind of pain or strain during Bhadrasana yoga then you should not do this asana.
  • If the beginner has discomfort in doing this yoga, then he can bend the blanket under his hips.
  • If you have any serious problems such as joint pain, spinal disorders, back pain, neck pain, stomach disease, foot pain, or weakness in the feet, then you should avoid doing Bhadrasana yoga during that time.
  • People who have any problem take advice from a doctor or a yoga expert should be sought.
  • Always increase the time of yoga practice gradually.
  • People who have knee pain avoid this asana.


Bhadrasana is a meditative posture. Practicing it daily helps to increase concentration. This asana is more beneficial for the concentration of the mind. Apart from this, the regular practice of Bhadrasana increases the power of patience and concentration in Rati pleasures. This asana strengthens the nervous system and blood system of men and women.

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