Kurmasana Or Turtle Pose Steps And Benefits



Kurmasana is a turtle-like pose, hence it is also called turtle pose. By doing this asana, your hands and feet are seen coming out like a tortoise. Performing Kurmasana yoga asanas are a good exercise for our body, Kurmasasana is a good asana to keep the body fit and healthy. Turtle pose is beneficial for our body in many ways, this asana gives good stretch on back and waist, along with it also increases blood circulation in the spine. Kurmasana helps in relieving gas and constipation in the stomach. So, know more about this yoga pose.

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What Is Kurmasana Or Tu rtle Pose?

Kurmasana is the Sanskrit language derived from two words in which the first word “Kurma” means “Tortoise” and the second word “Asana” meaning “Yoga Pose”. This is a situation similar to that of a tortoise, just as the tortoise goes inside its shell or cover when you feel any danger, by doing the same Kurmasana, you are attracted to the inside and can avoid the chaos of the outside world.

This posture is known in English as Tortoise Pose. This asana will give you a great feeling of connecting with your inner world. This mudra is designed for inner awareness and relaxation. Let us know in detail how to do Kurmasana Or Turtle Pose.



Preparatory Poses:

There are some other asanas that you should practice before practicing Kurmasana Or Turtle Pose, and these asanas are also beneficial in maintaining health and removing many disorders from the body.

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Steps To Do Kurmasana Or Turtle Pose:

To pose Kurmasan or Tortoise, take a yoga mat, and sit in a clean place with both feet of the bed laying straight in front of you.

Step 1:

You can also sit in Dandasana to do this asana.

Step 2:

Now spread both your legs as much as possible, that is, away from each other.

Step 3:

Bend both legs slightly from here on the knees and keep the ankles of the feet on the floor.

Step 4:

Now, while exhaling, bend forward slightly, and put both your hands below the knees of the feet.

Step 5:

Straighten both hands out from under the knees.

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Step 6:

Now bend your whole body slowly and tilt it and place your mouth on the floor.

Step 7:

Now stretch your hands outward as much as you can. Try to straighten both your legs completely.

Step 8:

In this case, both your legs will be on both hands and your chin and chest will be on the ground.

Step 9:

If you feel comfortable in this position to do Kurmasana, you can do it even further. For this, move both your hands from below the knees to the back and hold them above the hips.

Step 10:

Keep your breathing normal and try to stay in this posture for a while

Step 11:

To get to your starting position, put both your hands out of the knee, and be straight.



Follow Up Poses:

Beginner’s Tips:

Kurmasana is an advanced class of yoga, so it may take some time to do this asana. Seek the guidance of a yoga instructor to do this Yogasana. If you have difficulty in keeping the feet on the ground while doing this asana, then keep the pillow under your feet, this will help you.

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Benefits Kurmasana Or Turtle Pose:

There are many benefits to performing Kurmasana. Let us know its benefits in detail-

Make Back Flexible:

To perform Kurmasana, you have to bend completely backward which causes a strain on the back muscles, this stretch helps to make our back flexible. This asana helps to overcome all types of problems related to the back. In addition, the tortoise pose opens the spine and the shoulder. These asanas are focused on bringing flexibility throughout the body.

Reduce Stomach Problem:

Posing the turtle puts a strain on your abdominal muscles which eliminates stomach problems and keeps our digestive system healthy. Kurmasana stimulates the stomach organs and helps to relieve problems like gas in the stomach, constipation, and indigestion. These asanas are beneficial for people suffering from diabetes and abdominal fat. This asana improves the functioning of the digestive and respiratory systems.

Reduce Stress:

Everyone has to face stress in their life at some time whether they are students or jobbers. Kurmasana is a very good asana to reduce stress. It improves your memory by increasing blood flow to the brain. This asana is a buster that reduces stress. The turtle pose keeps your mind calm and prepares it for meditation.




Precautions Of Kurmasana Or Turtle Pose:

  • This asana relieves your shoulder and neck pain.
  • By Kurmasn pain does eliminate the problem occurring in (lumbar) and sacrum (sacrum).
  • Tortoise poses are very beneficial for asthma patients.
  • This asana helps to rejuvenate you and keep you fresh.
  • These asanas are good for your nerves.
  • Kurmasana is a good asana for people suffering from cervical disorders.
  •  This asana stimulates the solar plexus.

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To practice Kurmasana, your neck and shoulders should be strong enough to lift the weight of the whole body. But first, you have to overcome your fear of y our mind that you should not fall while practicing.

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