Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend Steps & Benefits

Uttanasana Benefits


Uttanasana Yoga is very important yoga asana, it helps in reducing stress from your life. These yoga poses are a good asana to warm your body and make your body flexible to do other yoga poses. It helps in increasing blood circulation in the head. Apart from this, Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend helps in fighting many diseases of our body. Let us know in detail the methods of Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend and the benefits of this.

What Is Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend Pose?

The name of this asana is derived from Sanskrit like other yoga asanas. The word Uttanasana is made up of three words, in which the first word “Ut” means “Powerful”, “Tan” “Stretch” and “Asana” means “Yoga  Pose”.

This asana, also known as “Hastapadasana”, in English as the Fast Forward-Bending Pause, Standing Forward Bend and Standing Forward Bend. These asanas are one of the classic yogas of Surya Namaskar. These are good yoga for creating muscle in the muscles of the body. Let us know in detail the methods of Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend.Uttanasana


Preparatory Poses:

There are some other asanas that you should practice before practicing Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend, and these asanas are also beneficial in maintaining health and removing many disorders from the body.

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Steps To Do Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend Pose:

Step 1:

Stand upright on the yoga mat and place both hands on the hips.

Step 2:

Breathing in, make the knees soft. Bend the waist and lean forward.

Step 3:

Try to balance the body.

Step 4:

Move the hips and tailbone back slightly. Slowly lift the hips upward and pressure will start coming on the upper thighs.

Step 5:

Hold the ankle from behind with your hands. Your legs will be parallel to each other.

Step 6:

Your chest will touch the top of the leg.

Step 7:

There will be a wide space between the chest bones and the pubis.

Step 8:

There will be a wide space between the chest bones and the pubis.

Step 9:

Press the thighs inward and keep the body stable on the heels.
Tilt the head down and look through the legs.

Step 10:

Remain stable in this position for 15-30 seconds.

Step 11:

Pull the breath inward and place the hands on the hips.
Slowly rise up and stand up.

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Follow Up Poses:

Doing these yoga poses to ease and comfort after doing these yoga poses. These yoga poses are…

  • Urdhva Uttanasana OR Upward Forward Fold
  • Paschimottanasana Or Seated Forward Bend

Beginner’s Tips:

In the beginning, you may find it difficult to do the stretches required to perform this asana. To make this asana easier.



Benefits Of Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend Pose:

There are many benefits to doing Uttanasana. Let us know its benefits in details

Cure Backache:

Due to this easy knee flexion, the muscles of our waist bring relief, which helps in curing back pain. Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend is beneficial for those who sit for long hours. This asana helps strengthen the reed bone. Its regular practice relieves stiffness of your spine, neck, and back.

Relief Stress:

Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend is good yoga to reduce your mental stress, however, all yoga helps to reduce your stress, it eliminates your body fatigue and reduces stress and gives peace of mind.

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Cure Headache:

In this posture, your head is tilted down so that the blood circulation in the head is well. Due to this, problems like headaches and insomnia get rid of. Uttanasana Or Standing Forward helps to reduce tension and anxiety.

Reduce Stomach Problem:

The digestive system of the stomach is the cause of almost all diseases arising in our bodies. If you do this asana, your stomach is massaged in a way and it makes the stomach’s functioning more active.

Strengthens The liver And Kidneys:

The liver and kidney are the main organs of our body, they perform important functions of various types in our body. We get more benefit to food if these organs work well. Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend is a good asana to keep the liver and kidneys healthy.

Beneficial For High Blood Pressure:

This asana helps in hypertension, and it stimulates asthma, osteoporosis, sinusitis, and spleen. Its regular practice improves your health.

Widen The Hips:

It is a good yoga for widening your hips, besides it also rubs your back, piddles, hamstrings. Uttanasana yoga make strengthens your thighs and knees.

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Uttanasana Precautions



  • If you are suffering from back pain, do not do this asana.
  • If you have pain in your thighs or hamstrings, do not do this asana.
  • Do not try this asana if you have the sciatica problem.
  • If you have glaucoma or a different retinal problem, do not do this asana.
  • Pregnant women do not try this asana.

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Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend is a very good seat in yoga science. To practice Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend, your feet and quad drips must be strong enough to lift the weight of the entire body. First, you have to overcome your fear of your mind that you should not fall while practicing.

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