Mugdar Exercise Benefits And Steps To Do

Mugdar Exercise Benefits And Steps To Do

People do the Mugdar exercise since ancient times. People have used Mugdar for exercise since historical times. Actually, in earlier times there were no modern gym machines. In such a situation, the people of that era used to exercise from Mugdar only. Even in today’s era, many wrestlers exercise from Mugdar. Exercising with this gives you strength like a wrestler. If you also want strength like wrestlers, then use Mugdar for exercise. The best thing about it is that you can decide its weight according to you. Today in this article I am going to give the benefits of the Mugdar exercise. See this below…

What Is Mugdar Exercise?

Mugdar is a mace-like instrument made of wood. In this, the weight is divided in length in such a way that the weight near the handle of the Mugdar is less and the weight is more in the upper part of the Mugdar.

The benefits of Mugdar exercise can help you gain strength like a wrestler. The Mugdar exercise is being done in India since ancient times, at that time there was no modern gym machine to build the body like today.

Exercise with Mugdar or mace is an Indian traditional exercise. Wrestlers still practice it in arenas and gymnasiums across the country. Mugdar is considered beneficial for the upper part of the waist and arms. While exercising with Mugdar, the Mugdar is rotated over the head. During this rotation, it is rotated alternately in the clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. Meaning once you rotate the Mugdar clockwise and once in the opposite direction it is rotated.

You must have seen wrestlers doing this exercise in old photos. Mugdar exercise is known to strengthen your upper body. Beginners may have some difficulty in doing Mugdar exercises. Below I am going to tell you about how to do Mugdar exercise and its benefits.

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Steps To Do Mugdar Exercise:

There are many variants of Indian club training i.e. Mugdar exercise, which can be done in different ways. To do the Mugdar exercise, you follow the following steps.

Step 1:

First of all, according to your physical strength, choose two Mugdars.

Step 2:

Raise both the Mugdars with both hands in such a way that both the Mugdars stand straight and your hands are attached to your torso.

Step 3:

Your wrists and upper arms should have a 90 degree angle.

Step 4:

Now slowly lift the thumb of your right hand towards the top of the head and bring it forward again while rotating from the back side, keep in mind that the wrist of the left hand will remain straight.

Step 5:

Now, in the same way, lift the mug of your left hand and bring it forward from the back side while rotating it over the head.

Step 6:

Similarly, repeat this process 10-15 times with both hands.

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Mugdar Exercise Benefits:

The benefits of Mugdar exercise can help you gain strength like a wrestler. Mugdar exercise is being done in India since ancient times, at that time there was no modern gym machine to build the body like today.

You must have seen wrestlers doing this exercise in old photos. Mugdar exercise is known to strengthen your upper body. Beginners may have some difficulty in doing Mugdar exercises. In today’s article, we will tell you about how to do Mugdar exercise and its benefits.

Strengthen Shoulder:

Doing Indian club training strengthens the shoulders and gives them flexibility. Sports like baseball, martial arts, and tennis require flexible shoulders, which Indian club training exercises can help. If you are troubled by shoulder pain and stiffness, then Mugdar exercise helps you in this.

When we move around with the Mugdar raised above the head, the whole effect falls on our shoulders. Our shoulder joint is made stable by many muscles, in these three main muscles help us to lift our arm back and forth and in the direction of the side. And when we rotate the mug, these three main muscles get operated on and strengthen the shoulder. And this has been directly acknowledged in research published on the website.

Strengthen Hands:

Do the Mudgal exercise to strengthen your hands and make a strong grip. When you move the mug around your head, it stresses the muscles of your hands. Which strengthens the front hand and grip.

Muqdar exercise is a process in which not only the shoulders but also the strength and size of the hands increase. Spinning is a process in which when the head is rotated around the top of the head, there is a lot of weight on the front part of the hands and forearms, due to which our wrists are strengthened as well as the upper part of the arm also becomes strong and curvy.

When we lift the head and move it back from the top of the head, then our Biceps and Forearms are stressed, at the same time, when the back of the head is brought forward from the back side, then from the back of the arm ie Triceps. It takes strength.

Improve Balance:

Mugdar exercise is beneficial in many ways to maintain body balance. It makes your muscles flexible so that you can do any work well. This exercise pays more attention to coordination and maintains balance in all parts of the body. Indian club training exercises indirectly target the small muscles that help keep you upright and take care of everyday tasks.

Improve Health Heart:

To remove the heart related problem, you should do Mugdar exercise. The heart is an important part of our body without which life is not possible so it is necessary to keep it healthy. You can boost your heart health by doing mudgal exercises. Indian club training exercise helps in reducing blood pressure.

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Keeps Full Body Healthy:

Mugdar exercises go a long way in keeping you fit by working more muscles in your body. The benefits of muddling help you focus on your shoulders, arms, pelvis, and spine all at the same time. It helps the muscles in your body to work together and make them stronger.

Strengthen Core Muscle:

Mugdar exercise is very beneficial for a strong core. If you are looking for exercise for a strong core, then the Mugdar exercise may be the right exercise for you. This exercise basically works on strong core muscles and helps in maintaining good posture.

Mugdar exercise strengthens our entire upper torso, it also includes our abdominal muscles ie Core Muscles. When we rotate a heavy device like Mugdar from above the head, not only do we get strength from our shoulders and arms, but it also has a great effect on our core muscles.

This effect is to keep our torso stable. When the spine moves backward, the balance of the body is disturbed due to the weight of the spine, and our core muscles exert a lot of strength to avoid falling backward and maintain stability. Similarly, when the Mugdar is brought forward, then the strength of our waist and back is used to make the body stable. Similarly, our entire core muscles become shapely and strong.

Develop Abs:

Indian club training exercises are very good for the development of our upper body. It is very helpful for the development of our upper body and chest. When you do the Mugdar exercise, to keep your back straight, you have to draw your stomach in towards your spine, which expands your chest. It not only opens up your arms but also your chest, back, and shoulders.

Strengthen Back Muscles:

Whether the Mugdar is rotated anti-clockwise or clockwise, in both cases, our back muscles get hit i.e. affected. When the Mugdar is lifted and rotated and taken backward, then the maximum strain falls on our upper back muscles. Whenever we move our arms backward, our back muscles get affected. Similarly, in pulling a heavy instrument like Mugdar backward and forwards, it takes a lot of strength from the back and waist. The upper back is not only used to bring the Mugdar from back to front, but the lower back also helps to keep the torso stable.

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Mugdar Exercise Precautions:

The benefits of Mugdar are many but there are some risks in doing Mugdar exercise. To avoid these risks, we also have to take some precautions. The most important thing is to choose Mugdar according to your strength. If you are new to muscle exercises, start with a light exercise. First, practice moving around with one hand, when the practice of moving around is done, then try to lift two arms simultaneously. Keep in mind that this process may take some time to practice, so it is very important to be patient. As the practice goes on, increase the weight of the Mugdar in the same way. In this way, you will avoid accidents as well as injuries.

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Mugdar Exercise Disadvantages:

You need to be very careful while doing Mugdar exercises. You are prone to head injury during Indian club training exercises. If you are a beginner then use low weight Mugdar. Start doing the Mugdar exercise in front of a trainer.

  • Mudgal exercise is prone to injury if not done properly.
  • Start doing the Mugdar exercise in front of an experienced trainer.
  • Consult a doctor before doing this exercise during any problem like shoulder pain, neck pain, pain in hands and back pain, etc.


We all know very well about the importance of exercise, but in this busy lifestyle, it has become very difficult to find time for our health. Although people like to go to the gym nowadays, even today some people prefer to go to the desi arena more than the gym. Before today, ancient India used to go to the indigenous akharas to make health, there are many such devices in these akharas which are very effective in making the body strong. Mugdar is a tool with the help of which you can make fitness in less time. Mugdar has a special place in the exercise style of our Indian wrestlers, where wrestlers and people are associated with wrestling. While exercise is the first choice, Mugdar exercise can prove to be a much better option in today’s busy era.

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