Surprising Benefits Of Hot Yoga You Never Knew

hot yoga


Hot yoga has become a popular yoga among people for the last few decades. Because the benefits of doing hot yoga are so important. The benefits of doing hot yoga regularly are helpful in giving us physical and mental benefits. The biggest benefit of this yoga is reducing weight and control mental stress. Sweating comes out of the body while using hot yoga, which does not come when doing normal yoga. Hot yoga is done in hot rooms or in closed summer places. The benefits of doing hot yoga in this way are helpful in making your heart, lungs, and muscles more active as the body temperature increases. In this article, we are giving information about what is hot yoga and the benefits of doing it.

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History Of Hot Yoga:

The first style described as hot yoga is considered Bikram Chaudhary, who devised it through traditional hatha yoga techniques. The temperature of the studio there was raised in Japan to create an atmosphere similar to India’s heat. After some time, Chaudhary moved to the United States. Bikram yoga in the early 70s or, say, hot yoga led to good results and became popular.

What Is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga or hot yoga means doing yoga at a temperature slightly above the normal room temperature. During this time, the instructor can determine the room temperature and the sum according to himself. Hot yoga is usually performed at temperatures between 27 and 38 ° C. All types of yoga can be included while doing hot yoga. Hot yoga often involves music and more interaction between people.

Benefits Of Hot Yoga:

The purpose of Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga is the same, even after the temperature in the room is high. The benefits of Bikram and Hot Yoga help you achieve mental peace and physical fitness. It can be difficult for you to do a hot environment. But the benefits of doing hot yoga can give you many types of health benefits. If hot yoga is done in the right way and safely, then the following benefits can be achieved by doing hot yoga.

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Increase Flexibility:

Doing hot yoga helps in increasing the flexibility of your body. According to science, even warm things are more flexible than cold objects. Similarly, the benefits of doing yoga in a hot environment can help make your muscles more flexible too. A study done in 2013 shows that people who do hot yoga regularly after 8 weeks have more flexibility in their back, lower back, shoulders, etc. Which is more than other ordinary people. If you also want to make your body flexible then doing hot yoga can benefit you.

Help In Weight Loss:

Heating can be beneficial for those who are troubled by their obesity. This is because about 183 calories can be burned by doing 1 hour of traditional yoga regularly. But if hot yoga is done regularly every day, then it can burn more calories. According to researchers at Colorado State University, men can burn up to 460 calories and women 330 calories by doing 90 minutes of hot yoga. In this way, both women and men can get the benefits of doing hot yoga which can play an important role in reducing their weight.

Increase Bone Density:

The benefits of doing yoga are in providing proper weight to your body as well as improving the density of bones. Hot yoga is especially beneficial for older and pre-menopausal women. Because during this period, the density of bones naturally decreases with aging. According to a study conducted in 2014, there was an increased bone density in the neck, axes, and lower back of women doing hot yoga regularly for 5 years. Due to which those women are less likely to get osteoporosis. You can also take advantage of the regular practice of hot yoga to strengthen your bones.

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Reduce Stress:

Yoga is the best option in a natural way to reduce stress or stress. Physically inactive people were studied in 2018. This suggests that the benefits of doing hot yoga regularly for 16 weeks reduced the level of stress to a great extent in the participants. At the same time, with hot yoga, even better changes were seen in his overall health. If you also want to reduce the symptoms of stress and depression, then you can do hot yoga regularly. It is not only good for your stress but also for physical health.

Reduce Depression:

Hot yoga is a special technique that helps to relax your brain and improve your mood. According to the American Psychology Association, hot yoga can also be an adjunct therapy to reduce symptoms of depression. Also in a 2017 review, 23 different studies were done. This shows that regular hot yoga is a great way to reduce the symptoms of depression.

Improve Cardiovascular Health:

Doing different yoga postures in hot yoga can strengthen your heart and lung muscles more than doing normal yoga. However, hot yoga may be more difficult for you than normal yoga. But hot yoga helps in increasing your stamina and energizing muscles. According to a 2014 study, doing hot yoga helps in improving your heart rate as well. The benefits of regular hot yoga also boost your respiratory and metabolic system.

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Beneficial For Diabetes Patient:

Doing any kind of yoga or exercise can help burn calories. But the benefits of hot yoga are helpful in reducing the level of glucose in blood flow. Doing hot yoga regularly can be especially beneficial for a diabetic type 2 patient. A 2013 study suggests that doing hot yoga for short periods of time can improve glucose tolerance in adults. But it is also helpful in managing weight when done by adults.

Beneficial For Skin:

The main purpose of doing hot yoga is to sweat. One advantage of sweating in a hot environment is that during this time, the skin can improve circulation by bringing oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the cells. This, in turn, can help to nourish your skin from the inside. You can include hot yoga in your daily yoga program to enhance skin as well as beauty.

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Safety Tips For Doing Hot Yoga:

If you are generally healthy then it is safe for you to do hot yoga. But like hot yoga, you should take special precautions while doing hot yoga. Such as:

Stay Hydrated:

Dehydration is a major cause of hot yoga. Therefore it is necessary to drink water before going to hot yoga room, while doing yoga and after doing yoga. For this, you can use a low-calorie sports drink.

Check Current Health Condition:

Some pre-existing health conditions can cause trouble with hot yoga. These types of problems include heart disease, diabetes, arterial abnormalities, anorexia nervosa, and syncope, etc.

Safety Tips For Pregnant Women:

Pregnant women should consult their physician before performing hot yoga.

Safety Tips For Low Blood Pressure Patients:

If you are suffering from low blood pressure and low blood sugar problem. In such a situation, you should take special care to do hot yoga. Because during this time you may have to face problems like a revolving.

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The benefits of hot yoga can bring you many health benefits. But still, you are advised to do hot yoga is not good for everyone. Naturally, people doing regular yoga can include hot yoga in their daily routine. Hot yoga can benefit you both physically and mentally. But if you suffer from other problems like severe heart disease, diabetes, anorexia nervosa, consult your doctor before doing hot yoga.

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