Steps, Precaution And Benefits of Linga Mudra

Linga Mudra benefits

Linga Mudra benefits

Linga Mudra works to concentrate the heat within the body. It is called Linga Mudra because it increases body heat by focusing on the element of fire inside the body. In Hinduism, the linga is generally considered to be the symbol of Lord Shiva. But it is a yoga posture in which the thumb forms a linga-like shape. Linga Mudra is also seen in association with spirituality. In ancient times sages used to practice this mudra, but the importance of Linga Mudra is still the same today. It works to balance the fire element of the body, so every person should practice Linga Mudra to stay healthy.

For detailed information about this mudra, in this article, we are going to tell you about the method of doing linga mudra and the benefits of Linga Mudra.

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What Is Linga Mudra?

Linga Mudra is a mudra in which the interlocking of the palms is able to focus and maintain the flow of the various elements within the body. The thumb of the hand is the symbol of the fire element in the human body. Linga mudra works to strengthen the fire element. Linga mudra is generally called the mudra of heat and energy. Linga is a Sanskrit word meaning male genitalia. Linga Mudra helps in increasing the heat energy of the body. So, see below the benefits of Linga Mudra.

How To Do Linga Mudra:

Before starting the practice of Linga Mudra, it should be kept in mind that you should have proper knowledge about this Mudra. So that you can practice Linga Mudra in the right way.

  • You can do Linga Mudra in both standing or sitting positions.
  • First of all, spread a mat on the floor and sit in the posture of meditation.
  • After this, join both your palms and interlock the fingers of both hands.
  • Keep your left thumb in the upward direction.
  • Extend the thumb out from the side of the index finger of the other hand.
  • Make sure that your left thumb is pointing up and is surrounded by the thumb and forefinger of the right hand.
  • Stay in this posture for 15 minutes and keep breathing and exhaling normally.

Time Duration For Ling Mudra:

Linga Mudra can be practiced anytime. But it should not be done for a long time because it generates heat energy in the body. Practicing the Linga Mudra even in the winter season makes a person sweat. Linga mudra should be practiced thrice a day for fifteen minutes as per the requirement. Many experts believe that Linga Mudra should not be done regularly but when required. For example, if a person feels very cold, shivers, or has a problem of cold cough, or phlegm, then in this situation Linga Mudra can be practiced.

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Benefits of Linga Mudra:

Like other yoga actions and postures, Linga Mudra is also very beneficial for health. In particular, it plays an important role in removing respiratory disorders. Linga Mudra has many benefits including removing phlegm, phlegm, and sore throat. Let us know about some of the main advantages.

Benefits of Linga Mudra For Asthma:

Linga Mudra is considered very beneficial for health. It proves useful in removing diseases and tremors caused by changes in weather. Apart from this, it plays an important role in curing respiratory diseases and asthma attacks. By practicing Linga Mudra, phlegm does not accumulate in the throat and also gets rid of the problem of cough. This pose is also very beneficial in removing sexual dysfunction in men.

Linga Mudra Improves Immune System:

Due to changes in the environment, it is common to have diseases like cold, cough, and fever. It is believed that doing linga mudra strengthens the immune system, due to which weather-related problems do not occur. By doing this mudra regularly, it does not allow phlegm or mucus to form and also keeps the lungs strong. This is the reason why linga mudra is beneficial for health.

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Benefits of Linga Mudra To Regulate Menstrual Cycle:

Regular practice of Linga Mudra can control the problems occurring over periods. This can relieve pain, cramps, and less bleeding during periods. In such a situation, regular practice of this mudra during periods can be beneficial.

Benefits of Linga Mudra Control Diabetes:

Practicing Linga Mudra regularly can control the problem of diabetes. This mudra can control blood sugar in the body. In such a situation, linga mudra is beneficial for diabetes patients.

Improves Energy For Women:

This is a mudra that is very beneficial for women. It is believed that while practicing linga mudra, women can have sexual fantasies and can improve their sex life. Ling mudra proves to be helpful in increasing sexual excitement as well as providing mental peace to women. This mudra protects the celibacy of the person.

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Benefits of Linga Mudra Cure Respiratory Problems:

Practicing Linga Mudra regularly can control breathing problems. It is especially effective in removing problems occurring in the changing season, such as asthma attacks, sore throats, etc. If Linga Mudra is practiced regularly, it can provide relief from the problem of cough.

Benefits of Linga Mudra Control Weight:

Linga Mudra can be practiced regularly to control the increasing body weight. Along with this mudra, it is also necessary to follow a proper diet and balanced lifestyle along with other yoga asanas and exercises to reduce weight.

Good for Common Cold:

This mudra can be used to deal with the common cold. This pose generates heat in the body and can cause sweating even in winter. It helps in controlling colds, asthma, cough, sinus, and dry phlegm. This pose can provide relief from phlegm in your throat by loosening it. If you have a chronic cough or cold, this mudra can help you. By doing this, there is relief from fever caused by cold.

Benefits of Linga Mudra Helps To Lose Weight:

This pose is also very beneficial for controlling increasing weight. However, for weight loss, one needs to do linga mudra thrice a day for 15 minutes. Apart from this, on starting Linga Mudra for weight loss, at least eight glasses of water should be consumed in a day and cold food such as curd, rice, banana, and citrus fruits should be consumed. Its regular practice burns extra calories. It works to reduce the extra calories in the body and gets rid of the problem of obesity.

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Benefits of Linga Mudra Reduce Blood Pressure:

With increasing age, a person also starts suffering from problems with blood pressure. In such a situation, practicing Linga Mudra regularly is very beneficial. By doing this mudra, the blood pressure is controlled and there is no risk of heart-related diseases and the health of the person is good.

Good For Body Energy:

When the body and mind get tired of working and the person starts feeling a lack of confidence, practicing Linga Mudra at such a time gives instant energy to the body and returns the lost confidence. Along with providing energy to both body and soul, this mudra also acts as a purifier.

Benefits of Linga Mudra Remove Toxins From The Body:

A study has found that regular practice of Linga Mudra flushes out the toxins accumulated in the body and does not accumulate excess fat on the person’s body. Apart from this, this mudra also works to tone the body and keeps the body pure.

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Precautions for Ling Mudra:

You can practice this mudra at any time, but keep in mind that excessive heat is generated by practicing for a long time.

  • People suffering from Pitta Dosha should not practice Linga Mudra.
  • People suffering from high blood pressure should not do this pose.
  • If a person has a tumor in his stomach, he should not do Linga Mudra.
  • The left thumb should always be raised while practicing Linga Mudra.
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