Yoga To Reduce Breathing Problems

Breathing exercize

yoga to reduce breathing problems


In this Corona situation one must stay healthy and take care of yourself. One of the most important part of this care is yoga. You have to keep an eye on the respiratory system so that there are no problems. Practicing some yoga at home can prevent lung and respiratory problems. So, see below some poses of yoga to reduce breathing problems.

Yoga To Reduce Breathing Problems:

Breathing is our tool of survival. But many people cannot breathe properly. If you breathe in a random way, various physical and mental problems can be seen. So you have to take training to breathe in a certain rhythm. With the help of breath training, you can master the right way of pulling air in and out. As a result, the blood circulation in the body becomes normal, the various contaminants accumulated in the body are easily expelled and the mind remains calm. So you need to practice brid training by following the rules.

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Anulom Vilom: yoga to reduce breathing problems

yoga to reduce breathing problems


To perform this asana, sit in a normal position in a quiet place. After this, close the right nasal cavity with the thumb of right hand. Then, breathe through the second nasal cavity and pierce. After this, close the left nasal cavity with the thumb of the left hand and breathe in the same way. If you do this yoga twice a day regularly, your problem of breathing problems also go away. Apart from this, it also removes heart diseases, insomnia and depression.

Sarvangasana: yoga to reduce breathing problems

yoga to reduce breathing problems


To do this yoga, lie on your back and place the palms of the hands together with the legs, with the ground absolutely straight. After that, breathe slowly and raise the legs slowly with the help of hands. After lifting the feet, put the hands behind the waist. Repeat this asana for at least 4-5. Everyday disease related to your breath will be removed by doing this daily.

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Parvatasana: yoga to reduce breathing problems



To do this, first of all, spread the mat on the ground and sit in the position of Padmasana. After this, keep the right leg on the left thigh and the left leg on the right thigh. Then, slowly exhale and join hands. After this, slowly bring out the hands while exhaling. After staying in this position for 5 minutes, return to normal. By doing this yoga asana, the problem of trouble in breathing as well as asthma and lung problems are also eliminated.




To do this, lie flat on your back and then bend the knees and place the soles properly and apply the ankles to the hip. After this, keep the palms of the hands at a slight distance behind the shoulders, turning the elbows. Now fill the breath and lift the waist-abdomen and chest on the strength of the soles and palms and take the head above the waist. Come back to normal after some time. Do this asana regularly at least 3-4 times.

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For this, lying on both sides of the abdomen, keep both hands under the forehead and keep the toes of the feet together. Keeping an equal distance between its arms, raise the forehead towards the front. Now lift the front part of the body with the help of arms. After staying in this state for some time, lie down on the stomach. With this, your breathing troubles as well as problems of depression, asthma and stress are also overcome.

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