Yoga To Improve Sleep And Healthy Life


Good sleep helps you eat less, stay healthy, be happy, and stay away from stress. If you resort to any medicines for good sleep, then it can be harmful to you. For a healthy and deep sleep, you can take yoga support which naturally helps you to sleep well. Let us know yoga asana for yoga improve sleep. 

Yoga Asana To Improve Sleep:

Due to lack of sleep, many other diseases surround our bodies. In such a situation, our body and mind tend to be reluctant to do any work. Which also has an impact on our personal life. In such a situation, you should take the help of yoga. This will make you physically and mentally strong, as well as relieve you from the problem of sleeplessness. So, below see some yoga to improve sleep.

Balasana Or Child Pose:

Balasana Yoga, which we also know as Child Pose is one of the yoga to improve sleep. This yoga provides mental peace by reducing stress, which makes you sleep well. It is a relaxed posture that corrects the nervous system.

  • To do this asana, spread a yoga mat and sit on it in Vajrasana.
  • Now slowly tilt your head and keep the head on the ground.
  • Keep both of your hands on the floor with the front-facing straight.
  • In this posture, try to stay for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

This asana cures backache and also helps in reducing your monthly fatigue.

Uttanasana Or Standing Forward Bend Pose:

If you want to sleep properly at night, then Uttanasana Yoga is considered very much for this. This yoga helps keep you relaxed. By doing Uttanasana, the blood system in the body increases by correcting the nervous system.

  • To do Uttanasana yoga, you first stand upright on a yoga mat.
  • Keep both your feet close together and straighten both your hands above.
  • Now slowly bend down from the front to the waist and try to touch the toes with both your hands.
  • In this asana, you stay for 60 to 90 seconds then come out of the asana.

Viparita Karani Yoga:

Opposite Karni yoga is a comfortable yoga. Doing this yoga is considered good for deep sleep. It reduces fatigue and stress. It also reduces the blood pressure and it ends the insomnia problem.

  • To do the opposite yoga, first of all, you first spread a yoga mat and lie down on the wall facing it.
  • Raise both your legs up on the wall and let your back remain on the ground.
  • In this position, a 90-degree angle will form on your waist.
  • Keep both your hands upright on the floor.
  • Remain in this posture for 5 to 15 minutes.

Baddha Konasana Or Bound Angle Pose:

The Buddha Konasana Yoga is also known as Title posture. To eliminate fatigue and sleep well at night, you should do the Buddha Konasana Yoga. Also, this yoga relieves pain to the joints of inner Thai, knees, and feet. Because of which sleep is good.

  • To perform the Buddha Konasana Yoga, you first sit with both legs of the Yoga Mat laying straight.
  • After this inhale, bend your left leg towards you.
  • Then after that, bend your right leg towards you.
  • Join the toes of both feet and the fingers of both the feet together.
  • Now press the knees slowly with both hands so that both the knees are placed on the floor.
  • Keep in mind that if your knees are not coming on the ground, do not try to force it.
  • Stay in this posture for 2 to 3 minutes.

Marjarasan Or Cat Pose:

Marjarasana Yoga is also known by some people as Marjari Asan and Cat Pose. This yoga is very beneficial for better sleep and to get rid of the insomnia problem. This makes your reed bone elastic and increases blood flow.

  • To do this yoga, you keep your head straight on a yoga mat, kneel, and keep both your hands on the ground.
  • Now while inhaling, raise your head backward and your chin up.
  • Now exhale, lower your head and try to apply your chin to your chest.
  • Do this asana at least 5 to 6 times.
  • These poses are beneficial in reducing the stomach after delivery.

Bhastrika Pranayama Or Bellows Breath:

Bhastrika Pranayama is a very good breathing practice that keeps the body healthy and the mind happy. Performing this asana is beneficial for heart and brain patients to achieve a miraculous magnitude. If you do not sleep properly at night, then you should practice Bhastrika Pranayama regularly.

  • To do this asana, first of all, sit in a padmasana or sukhasana laying a yoga mat on the ground.
  • Close your eyes and keep your spine straight.
  • For some time, sit in a meditation posture and join the index finger with the thumb.
  • Now take a deep breath in and then force it out.
  • Breathe inward again and forcefully exit it again.
  • Do this Bhastrika Pranayama at least 21 times.

Janu Sirsasana Or Head To Knee Pose:

Janu Sirasasana Yoga calms the brain and helps in relieving mild depression anxiety, fatigue, headaches, menstrual troubles, and insomnia. This asana is a kind of spinal twist.

  • To do Janushirasasana Yoga, you place a yoga mat in a clean place and sit with both legs straight in front.
  • Now place your right foot on the thigh of the left foot of the bend.
  • With both your hands upward, stand upright.
  • Now tilt your upper body down towards the left leg and grab the left toes.
  • Place your head on the knee of the left leg.
  • While in this posture, breathe 5 to 10 times.

Shavasana Or Corpse Pose:

Shavasan yoga is also called rest posture. It is done at the end of doing all yoga. Shavasan yoga asana is a very good means to relieve tension. Shavasana gives an opportunity to integrate the nervous system which helps us to deal with all the normal stresses of daily life.

  • To do Shavasan yoga, you lay a yoga mat on the floor and lie on it on your back.
  • Keep both your legs and hands straight.
  • Now keep a distance of 1.5 to 2 feet between your two legs.
  • Keep both your hands at 40 degrees from the body and keep the palms facing up.
  • In Shavasan you can live according to your ability.


Yoga is a great way to help you get better sleep each and every day. Anyone that suffers from insomnia will quickly find the relief that they need with a regular yoga practice. It might be that your insomnia is caused by stress, anxiety, depression, or an active mind. Yoga helps with all these problems. The improvements will be seen within weeks regardless of what time of the day it is practiced. That being said, doing a few simple yoga poses before bedtime is likely to have immediate effects. This simple yoga sequence is also a great place to start.

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