Chair Yoga To Relieve Back In Work From Home Time

Hip circle

Hip circle


Constant sitting, standing or sitting or standing in the wrong posture results in pressure on the hip joint. If you do not exercise, the muscles become stiff and the pain increases. Practising the hip circle seat stimulates the thigh, buttocks and waist muscles. The hip circle is also a very useful seat for those who work at the desk for a long time. Although it is basically standing or lying on the ground, it has been changed to a chair yoga seat for the convenience of older people and those who are comfortable sitting in a chair.

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Steps To Do Hip Circle:

Step 1:

Sit up straight in a chair with your legs straight and your feet on the ground. Keep head and neck straight and taut. There will be two hands on the thighs. Sit with your eyes closed and your mind calm. This is the starting position of the seat.

Step 2:

This time come forward a little towards the front of the chair. Make sure that the back, waist or neck is not bent. Keep the knees straight and extend the right leg forward as much as possible.

Step 3:

Rotate clockwise slowly from the hip to the right foot in this position. The legs should be rotated from the buttocks as much as possible without straining too much. Breathing will be normal while sitting.

Step 4:

Rotate clockwise 5-6 times to return to the starting position. This time you have to straighten your right leg again and turn it anti-clockwise 5-6 times. One round is completed by both sides.

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Step 5:

When rotating the legs, keep in mind that the entire leg needs to be rotated not only from the knees but also from the hips. Finish one round with Clock Wise and Anti Clock Wise on the right foot. You need to practice 2-3 rounds with a few seconds of rest. (If you are under a lot of pressure or if you have difficulty exercising continuously, increase the rest time and practice sitting.)

Step 6:

In the same way, practice 2-3 rounds on the left leg clockwise and anti-clockwise 5-6 times respectively.

Step 7:

When the two-legged habit is over, come to the starting position, close your eyes and rest.

Step 8:

When practising the asana, make sure that there is no pain in the thighs, waist or back.

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Hip circle 1


Precaution Of Doing Chair Yoga:

People who have severe pain due to arthritis or injury to the thigh and hip joint should not practice this seat. Those who are older or have started sitting after recovering from an illness may get tired quickly if they start sitting. In that case, you have to practice sitting slowly.

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Why Should You Practice Chair Yoga?

One moving seat of the lower body is the hip circling. Sitting all day and dealing with various injuries in daily life increases the risk of pain in the groin and buttocks. Practising hip circling with chair yoga increases blood flow to the pelvic floor muscles. The muscles around the thighs, lower back and buttocks become stronger and stronger. As a result, it is not difficult to deal with injuries and pain. The risk of neck femur fractures decreases with age. Practising the regular posture balances the gait.

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