What Are The Benefits Of Udgeeth Pranayama?

Udgeeth Pranayama

Udgeeth Pranayama

Udgeeth Pranayama is also known as “Omkari Japa”. This is a very simple type of pranayama and meditation practice. A person who wakes up in the morning and practices Udgeeth Pranayama every day enjoys many physical and spiritual benefits. It helps you deal with anxiety, guilt, resentment, sadness, and fear. Blood starts circulating properly in the body, due to which a divine glow comes on the face of the person.

Udgeeth Pranayama

What Is Udgeeth Pranayama?

According to Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Udgeeth Pranayama is one of the simple pranayams. “Udgeeth” in Sanskrit means to sing aloud. Udgeeth Pranayama involves the chanting of “Om” with each exhalation, hence it is also known as Omkari chanting. The word “Om” has a special place in Sanatan Dharma, it is used in prayer, rituals. By chanting “Om”, a person is impure and can get rid of many diseases.

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Udgeeth Pranayama

How To Do Udgeeth Pranayama:

One has to chant Om while doing Udgeeth Pranayama. Therefore, this pranayama is also known as chanting Omkari. Doing this pranayama in the morning is very beneficial. Therefore, this pranayama should be done daily. Because by doing this, physical and spiritual benefits are obtained. It is very simple pranayama and a kind of meditation practice. Let us know how to practice this pranayama.

  • Before performing Udgeeth Pranayama, practice Bhramari Pranayama.
  • Sit in Padmasana, Sukhasana or Siddhasana.
  • It is believed that while sitting in front of Pranayama, sitting in the east direction is more beneficial.
  • Leave your body loose, there should be no tension in any part of the body, and keep your back straight.
  • Attach the index finger and thumb tip of both hands.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate.
  • Take a breath and exhale before starting Udgeeth Pranayama.
  • Chant Om while inhaling and exhaling.
  • Chant the whole sound with the rhythm of Ommammmm.
  • Repeat this process 5–11 times.

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What Is The Right Time To Do Udgeeth Pranayama?

Practicing Udgeeth pranayama before sunrise in the morning gives more benefit. If you are not used to getting up early in the morning, you can do it before 8 am. You can practice this pranayama even 2-3 hours after dinner.

How Much Time You Should Do Udgeeth Pranayama?

Take 3-5 seconds while breathing and while exhaling. There is no time limit for chanting Omkar, if you are doing it for the first time, do it only 3 times on the first day. After that, increase the duration of your practice every day. After daily practice, this pranayama can be done for 10-20 minutes without stopping.

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Udgeeth Pranayama

Benefits Of Udgeeth Pranayama:

Doing this pranayama in the morning is very beneficial. Therefore, this pranayama should be done daily. Because by doing this, physical and spiritual benefits are obtained. It is a very simple pranayama and a kind of meditation practice. Let us know about the practice of this pranayama and its benefits.

Increases Memory:

Regular practice increases memory power. Remembrance power is always dependent on meditation and concentration of mind. The more attention we focus on that side, the more intense our thought power will be.

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Calm The Mind:

By its regular practice, the mental tension is calmed by removing mental tension. Medical science considers the cause of depression is a lack of neurotransmitters like serotonin, nor-adrenaline, and dopamine. So to get rid of all this, do Bhramari Pranayama.

Reduce Insomnia:

By doing this, sleep becomes good. It is necessary to get a good sleep as it removes fatigue and fills the body with energy, strength, and strength. If your sleep is not completely well then it can prove fatal for you. If you have sleep problems, then you can get rid of the problem of sleeplessness by practicing this pranayama.

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Reduce High Blood Pressure:

It is beneficial in high blood temperature. Hypertension or hypertension, sometimes referred to as arterial hypertension, is a chronic medical condition in which blood pressure in the arteries increases. Due to this increase in pressure, the heart needs to work more than normal to maintain blood flow in the blood arteries.

Keeps The Nervous System Right:

Udgeeth Pranayama

Eliminates all the problems related to the nervous system. The nervous system, the nervous system, is called the emperor of the body, there will be no exaggeration because the brain is also included in this system. If this system is affected by some disease or disorder, then it becomes difficult to control it.

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Beneficial In Constipation And Acidity:

Udgeeth Pranayama

Regular practice of this pranayama can help in relieving constipation and acidity. Constipation is a condition in the digestive system in which a person’s stool becomes very hard and has difficulty in bowel movement. Constipation is a condition of natural alteration of the stomach in which the amount of excreta is reduced.

Increase Positive Thinking:

Udgeeth Pranayama

By regular practice of this pranayama, we can increase our memory and positive thinking. When our thinking becomes positive then its results also start coming positive. And at the same time, its practice brings peace to the mind and brain.

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Increase Concentration:

Udgeeth Pranayama

The concentration of mind and brain increases. Although increasing concentration is a difficult task, it is not impossible. Steadiness is very important to increase concentration.

Beneficial For Pregnant Women:

Udgeeth Pranayama

The practice of this pranayama greatly benefits pregnant women, because of the normal delivery, the child is born.

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Precaution Of Udgeeth Pranayama:

Although the Udgeeth Pranayama does not have any harmful effects. But doing it improperly can cause some small problems. So, the precautions of doing Udgeeth Pranayama…

  • Practice this on an empty stomach or 4-5 hours after a meal.
  • Try to do Pranayama before sunrise in the morning, by doing this you will get more benefits.
  • If you feel tired during exercise, rest for a while.
  • Do not practice pranayama by sitting in the wrong posture.


Udgeeth means a person who rises from life. The music that rises from the soul has been called Udgeeth. In human life, we have to constantly deal with many problems. Different kinds of problems, different kinds of diseases always keep haunting us. 70% of the disease causes us only due to anxiety and depression. If our diet is appropriate and we are regular seekers of this Pranayama, then we can protect ourselves from many diseases.

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