What Are The Jal Neti Benefits And Disadvantages?

Jal Neti Benefits

Jal Neti is a technique that was used by Yogis to stay disease-free. The most important thing about Jal Neti is that after doing it you can breathe well during any yoga practice without any interruption. Just as cleaning the teeth is dental hygiene, similarly, the practice of Jal Neti is nasal hygiene. By doing this kriya, the nasal passage and the passage from the nostrils to the throat are purified. The Jal Neti technique is used to cleanse the respiratory tract and remove toxins from the nasal passages. Let us know in detail what is Jal Neti, and Jal Neti benefits, disadvantages, methods, and precautions.

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What Is Jal Neti?

Jal Neti is an ancient Indian yoga technique that literally means “cleansing with water”. This action is usually performed daily in the morning along with other cleansing practices. Jal Neti is a natural technique used by yogis to prevent respiratory diseases. Yoga and Ayurveda suggest different ways to purify your body so that it can function better. This action is specially designed for ‘nose cleaner’. During the nasal cleansing process, the nasal cavity is rinsed with water to remove debris and mucus from the nose. It also helps in fighting throat problems and getting rid of sinuses. Let us know in detail the process of doing water Jal Neti.

Preparations For Jal Neti:

You need a few materials and tools to perform Jal Neti. If you want to do Jal Neti then you take the following material.

  • A neti pot
  • A pinch of salt
  • Lukewarm water

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Jal Neti Benefits

What Is A Neti Pot?

A neti pot is usually a small device or pot and has a long spout on one side, large enough to gently pour water into one nostril during the procedure.

Steps To Do Jal Neti:

Jal Neti Kriya is a type of yoga that is slightly different from the normal yoga asanas. Jal Neti Kriya is a technique for cleaning our nasal passages. To do Jal Neti Kriya, do the following steps-

Step 1: 

To do Jal Neti Yoga, you first take a neti pot, which should be set well in your nose.

Step 2: its

Now take a little warm water (temperature 38-40 degrees Celsius) in this neti pot and add a pinch of salt to it i.e. add 1 teaspoon of salt per 1 liter of water. Take care not to add too much salt to the water.

Step 3: Jal Neti Benefits

To do Jal Neti, you sit down and keep a little distance between your two feet.

Step 4: Jal Neti Benefits

Start breathing through your mouth and tilt your head down slightly.

Step 5: Jal Neti Benefits

You can also do Jal Neti Yoga standing up and bending slightly from the waist.

Step 6: Jal Neti Benefits

Now take a Neti pot filled with water and put it in your right nostril and slowly pour water.

Step 7: Jal Neti Benefits

Take this water out through the left nostril.

Step 8: Jal Neti Benefits

Now again pour water by putting a neti pot in the left nostril and take it out through the right nostril.

Step 9: Jal Neti Benefits

Keep in mind that water has to be added slowly and in small amounts.

Step 10: Jal Neti Benefits

You can do this activity with both the nostrils, you can also do Jal Neti Yoga by standing and bending slightly from the waist.

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Time Duration Of Jal Neti:

It cannot be said about the number of times that you should do Jal Neti, but it can be said that you can usually pour up to half a liter of water at a time from each nostril. Since it is a purification process, it should not be included in the daily lifestyle. Whenever the nasal passages need cleaning, the Jal Neti technique can be used. However, until the process is fully learned, it can be practiced daily. Once learned, it should be used as needed.

How Does Jal Neti Work?

Using saltwater in Jalneeti increases the blood flow to the membranes inside the nose. Nasal cleansing is done with water in Jaleti, which can save you from sinus, cold, and pollution. Salted lukewarm water is used to do this. In this process, water is poured through one nostril with the help of a Neti vessel and expelled from the other. Then the same action is done with the second nostril. Jalneeti can be done at any time of the day. If someone has a cold, it can be done several times a day. With its constant practice, it does not allow germs to grow in the nasal area.

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Science Behind Jal Neti :

Using slightly salty water in Jaleti causes itching inside the nose, due to which the blood flow to the membrane increases, and the secretion of glandular cells also increases, due to which the gates of the glands are cleaned. Due to Neti, not only the nasal cavity is benefited, but the eyes and various sinuses also get benefits.

Jal Neti Benefits

Jal Neti Benefits :

There are many benefits of Jal Neti. Following are the benefits of doing Jal Neti. See these below…

Reduce Headache: Jal Neti Benefits

Headache is a common thing nowadays, most people are troubled by the problem of headaches. You can take the help of the Jal Neti technique to cure headaches. Regular practice of this kriya helps in reducing chronic headaches and migraines.

Reduce Cough and Cold:

This technique clears your respiratory tract. Jal Neti is extremely helpful in the prevention of cold and cough. It also prevents allergic sneezing.

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Beneficial For Sinusitis:

Jal Neti Yoga Kriya helps in curing sinusitis, diseases of the eyes, nose, and throat, tonsillitis, catarrhal as well as inflammation of adenoids and mucous membranes.

Beneficial For Eyes:

Jal Neti technique is very beneficial for the eyes. It treats many problems and diseases related to the eyes such as soreness, night blindness, retardation, etc. Jal Neti Kriya makes your eyes sparkle and beautiful.

Beneficial For Hair:

Despite young age, hair problems are quite common these days. Jal Neti is beneficial for hair health and prevents premature hair fall, graying of hair, and other hair conditions.

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Reduce Insomnia: Jal Neti Benefits

There are many people who suffer from insomnia or cannot sleep. To cure insomnia, Jal Neti is one of the effective yoga procedures. This yoga helps in reducing the symptoms of drowsiness and its regular practice gets rid of it.

Increase Memory Power:

Gel Neti Yoga helps in sharpening your memory and eliminates the problem of forgetting. It calms the nervous system and the mind. It helps to relieve stress and brings clarity to the mind. Gel Neti Kriya helps in improving the quality of your meditation.

Reduce Ear Pain:

Practicing Jal Neti Yoga can help you with ear-related diseases. It can be said that the practice of Jal Neti is a panacea for the ENT area of ​​the body.

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Jal Neti For Spiritual Benefits:

Removing the obstacles in the free flow of air has a massive effect on all the cells of the body, due to which there is a profound effect on psycho-spiritual health.

Disadvantages Of Jal Neti:

  • If Jal Neti is not done properly then it can also harm your body. Following are some of the disadvantages of Jal Neti.
  • Using too much hot water can cause burning and pain in your knee.
  • Using too much salt during Jal Neti Kriya can irritate your nose, which can also lead to bleeding from your nose.
  • In the Jal Neti technique, using water that is contaminated or contaminated with water also increases the risk of infection in your nose.
  • Using too much salt or doing Jal Neti kriya for a long period of time can also cause pain in your eyes and ears.

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Precautions Of Jal Neti:

  • It is very important to take precautions in Jalneeti. First of all, this action should be done in the presence of an expert.
  • After Jal Neti, Bhastrika Pranayama should be done to dry the nose. Close one nostril and repeat it with the other nostril and then do this by keeping both the nostrils open.
  • Agnisara kriya can also be done to dry the nose.
  • Do not wipe the nose too vigorously as it can cause water to enter the ears.
  • The ratio of water to salt should be right because too much or too little salt can cause burning and pain.
  • While doing this yoga action, one should breathe through the mouth.
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