Is It Safe To Do Yoga During Periods?

Yoga During Periods

Periods are very difficult days for any woman. Many types of hormonal changes occur in women these days. In which mood swings, irritability, and being emotional are common. At the same time, it is also very difficult to imagine the unbearable pain that occurs during this time. To avoid this pain, women adopt many home remedies. Yoga for menstruation helps reduce irregular menstruation and pain in women. The time of periods for women was very painful. Doing yoga during periods relieves pain, cramps, and tension during periods. It is more beneficial to do yoga asana instead of exercise during menstruation.

Today in this article, we will tell you whether to do yoga during periods or not and if you can do yoga during periods, then which yoga asana should be done and what precautions should be taken in doing them. Let us know in detail about yoga during periods.

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Yoga During Periods

Can You Do Yoga During Periods?

Are you thinking of doing yoga during your period? If you are worried about whether to do yoga during menstruation or not? So let us tell you that all women can do yoga even during menstruation. Many yoga experts say that although yoga should be avoided in the first day or two of periods, the discomfort of periods can be removed by doing yoga before and after it. Many yoga asanas can be done during periods as well. These yoga asanas not only help in relieving pain and discomfort during periods but also reduce mental stress.

Some people believe that working out during this time causes more bleeding. But according to doctors, you can do light workouts at this time. Just plan your exercise according to the days of your periods. For example, avoid stretching exercises in the initial days. Regular yoga is beneficial for your body and your mind. There is no scientific reason why you shouldn’t do your yoga during your periods. In fact, there is evidence that yoga can help reduce pain during periods.

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Yoga During Periods

Yoga During Periods:

Doing yoga during periods is beneficial for women in many ways. If you want to know which yoga should be done during the period, then you can do the following yoga asanas during menstruation.

1. Janu Sirsasana Or Head-to-Knee Pose Yoga During Periods:

Janushirshasana yoga helps in relieving menstrual discomfort and insomnia. Apart from this, the Janu Shirshasana yoga pose calms the brain and removes anxiety, fatigue, headache of mild depression.

Yoga During Periods

Method To Do Janu Sirsasana: yoga during periods

  • To do Janushirshasana, you sit in a clean place by laying a yoga mat and straightening both the legs in front.
  • Now bend your right leg and place it on the thigh of the left leg.
  • Raise both your hands up and stand straight.
  • Now tilt your upper body down towards the left foot and grab the toes of the left foot.
  • Keep your head on the knee of the left leg.
  • While in this posture, breathe 5 to 10 times.

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2. Malasana Or Garland Pose For Yoga During Periods:

Malasana Yoga helps reduce irregular menstruation and pain. This yoga is beneficial for improving metabolism, toning the stomach, activating the digestive system, strengthening your waist and your reproductive system.

Method To Do Malasana:

  • To do Malasana yoga, first of all, stand straight and keep a distance of 1 to 1.5 feet between both feet.
  • Now join both your hands in front of the chest and slowly sit down.
  • Keep your thighs wider than your upper body.
  • Join both hands in such a position that a 90-degree angle is formed at the elbow.
  • Stay in Malasana yoga for at least one minute.

3. Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose For Yoga During Periods:

Doing Dhanurasana yoga is considered beneficial for the menstrual cycle of women. This is one of the best poses for your reproductive system. It is a basic hatha yoga asana that is beneficial in reducing belly fat, strengthening your spine, thighs, and ankles.

Method To Do Dhanurasana:

  • To do Dhanurasana yoga, lay a yoga mat on the ground and lie on your stomach.
  • Now keep both your hands parallel to the body, now bend both your legs backward from here on the knees.
  • Take your hands backward and hold both feet with both hands.
  • Try to stay in this posture for at least 20 to 30 seconds.
  • In the end, open both hands and come to your starting position.

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4. Bhujangasana Or Cobra Pose:

Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana Yoga is an excellent yoga asana for the reproductive organs of women. It also improves digestion, opens up your chest, and improves blood circulation.

Method To Do Bhujangasana:

  • To do Bhujangasana yoga, lay down a yoga mat and lie on your stomach, in which your back is facing upwards.
  • Keep both your hands on the ground.
  • Now putting weight on both your hands, slowly lower your head back and try to move the chin upwards.
  • Keep in mind that the body below your waist does not rise above the ground.
  • Try to stay in this posture for 20 to 30 seconds.

5. Ustrasana Or Camel Pose Yoga During Periods:

Ushtrasana yoga is one of the best yoga poses for women to regulate their periods and relieve menstrual pain. It also strengthens the shoulders and back, improves posture and flexibility, massages your internal organs.

Method To Do Ustrasana:

  • To do Ustrasana yoga, first of all, by laying a yoga mat, stand on your knees on it.
  • Now bend backward from your waist and take both your hands back.
  • Tilt your head back and place both hands on the ankles of the feet.
  • In the position of Ustrasana, try to stay for 30 to 60 seconds.

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6. Paschimottanasana Or Seated Forward Bend:

Paschimottanasana Yoga also stimulates the female reproductive organs, especially the uterus and ovaries. Due to which the fertility level improves and stress is removed.

Method To Do Paschimottanasana:

  • To do Paschimottanasana, sit in Dandasana with both the legs straightened in front of you by laying a yoga mat in a clean place.
  • Raise both your hands up and straighten them.
  • Now slowly bend forward and hold the toes of your feet with both your hands.
  • Keep your head on your knees.
  • Do this asana for 20 to 60 seconds.

7. Baddha Konasana Or Bound Angle Pose Or Butterfly Pose Or Cobbler’s Pose:

Baddha Konasana yoga is one of the best asanas for the treatment of menstrual problems. This yoga improves the reproductive system of women. Helps to improve blood circulation and stimulate the kidneys and bladder. Baddha Konasana is beneficial for pregnant women for childbirth.

Method To Do Baddha Konasana:

  • To do Baddha Konasana Yoga, first of all, spread a yoga mat in a clean place and sit with both legs straight.
  • After this, turn both the feet towards you and join the claws with the toes of both feet.
  • Now slowly press the knees with both hands so that both the knees are kept on the floor.
  • You do this mudra for 2 to 3 minutes.

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If you do yoga during periods, then your mood will also be good, as well as you will feel fresh. If you do light exercise, then you will get relief from pain, and it is important to pay attention that if you have more pain, do not forcefully workout and give yourself rest. The best exercise during periods is walking, stretching, aerobics, exercise without lifting weights. You will feel better by doing yoga. Mood swings also occur a few days before or during the period, but your mood will be good if you sit alone and meditate. Also, if you feel that you want to take a break from yoga, then you listen to your mind, and during this time just relax your body.

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