Vajrasana Yoga Immediately After Having A Meal


Vajrasana Yoga Immediately After Having A Meal

Sometimes we tend to overeat when we get our favorite food, due to which the problem of indigestion, etc. By eating more food, the stomach also starts coming out. To avoid all these, you should do Vajrasana yoga immediately after having a meal, it is very beneficial. There are also many benefits of doing Vajrasana yoga immediately after having a meal. Let’s know what are those…

How To Do Vajrasana Yoga:

The right time to do any yoga helps in getting its benefits. The best time to do all the yoga asanas is in the morning on an empty stomach, but doing Vajrasana yoga immediately after having a meal is considered more beneficial. It also helps in keeping the digestive system healthy, getting rid of indigestion, and reducing the stomach.

You always want to be healthy. So after having a meal, definitely follow this trick. Because sitting in Vajrasana 15 minutes after eating food will give you many benefits. This will strengthen the immunity. The digestive system will be strong. This will also lead to physical and mental development.

In today’s article, we will tell you in detail about the benefits of doing Vajrasana yoga immediately after having a meal.

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Vajrasana Yoga Immediately After Having A Meal

Steps To Do Vajrasana Yoga:

It is very easy to do Vajrasana yoga, you can do it anywhere. To do this follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Bend your legs and sit on your knees. Pull the toes of your feet backward. Keep them together and cross the toes over each other.

Step 2:

2. Slowly lower your body in such a way that your hips stay on the ankles. While your thighs will rest on your calf muscles.

Step 3:

Keep both your hands on the knees, keep the head straight and your eyes will be completely in front.

Step 4:

Keep your attention focused on the movement of your breath. Pay close attention to how you are breathing. Maintain equal attention to the breath in and out.

Step 5:

Close your eyes and pay attention to the movement of your breath. Slowly move your mind away from everything else and try to focus only on breathing in and out.

Step 6:

This asana can be practiced for at least 5 minutes in the beginning and for a maximum of 10 minutes. Once you get used to it, you can increase it to 30 minutes.

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Vajrasana Yoga Immediately After Having A Meal

Benefits Of Doing Vajrasana Yoga Immediately After Having a Meal:

Vajrasana is very beneficial for the body including the stomach. We should practice this after having a meal. Due to this the digestive system also remains strong. If you do Vajrasana yoga immediately after having a meal, then you get the following benefits.

Reduce Indigestion:

Doing Vajrasana yoga regularly after eating food can improve your digestion. When you do this yoga, the vascularity of the digestive organs ie blood flow increases. If you are troubled by the problem of indigestion or constipation, then do this yoga from the form, it will give you relief.

Reducing Weight:

The best way to reduce stomach can be to do Vajrasana. By doing Vajrasana after eating food every day, it absorbs the nutrients in the body better. Due to this the metabolic rate starts increasing and due to this, calories are destroyed rapidly in the body. Due to this the person’s tummy also remains flat.

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Reduce Acidity:

Gas and acidity can have many simple causes. This can be due to our eating food that is excessively oily, salty, spicy, or sweet. Another possible cause of acidity can be sleeping soon after a meal. To avoid this problem, you should do Vajrasana yoga immediately after having a meal.

Remove Toxins:

If there is difficulty in getting out the toxins accumulated in your body, then doing Vajrasana after meals makes it very easy to excrete in the stool and urine and diseases do not occur in the body.

Comfort Menstruation Pain:

For women, doing Vajrasana yoga after meals is beneficial during the period. This yoga is helpful in reducing irregular menstruation and pain in women. The time of periods for women was very painful. By doing Vajrasana yoga, one gets rid of pain, cramps, and tension at that time.

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Precautions Of Doing Vajrasana:

If you are careless while doing this yoga then it can be harmful. But if you have any particular problem in your body, then you should not do any yoga asana without the advice of a doctor.

  • Do not do Vajrasana if you are suffering from joint pain or knee pain.
  • If you have any problem or problem in the vertebrae of your body, then avoid doing Vajrasana.
  • If you have a hernia, ulcer in the intestines, or any kind of problem in the large and small intestine, then do Vajrasana only after the advice of a doctor or a specialist.


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