Virasana or Hero Pose Steps And Benefits



You can get rid of many types of diseases, its regular practice will give you relief in all kinds of problems related to digestion. Hero poses also eliminate the gas produced in your stomach. These asanas are similar to Vajrasana. If you are new to yoga practice then you may have some difficulty in doing Virasana or Hero Pose. But its regular practice you can do it easily. Let us know in detail how to do Virasana or Hero Pose.



What Is Virasana or Hero Pose?

Virasana is also known as Hero Pose, Virasana is a Sanskrit word made up of two words in which the first word “Vir” means “Brave” and the second word “Asana” means “Yoga pose”. We know that the hero’s job is to fight the evil of the world and he keeps fighting until he is conquered, similarly Virasana is a yogi hero, he keeps fighting for his inner peace and conquers it. Only after stopping. It is a good yoga for back pain and to keep the knees moving.

Let us know in detail how to do this asana.

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Preparatory Poses:

There are some other asanas that you should practice before practicing Virasana or Hero Pose, and these asanas are also beneficial in maintaining health and removing many disorders from the body.



Steps To Do Virasana or Hero Pose:

To do Virasana or Hero Pose, you should first sit on the knees of a yoga mat laying on someplace or you can also sit in Vajrasana for this.

Step 1:

Keep the toes outward.

Step 2:

Keep both your hands straight on both knees.

Step 3:

Now bring both your knees together so that the distance between your two legs is increased, this distance should be more than the width of your hips so that your hips can rest on the ground.

Step 4:

Keep both of your calves out of the thighs.

Step 5:

Now slowly try to keep your hips on the ground.

Step 6:

If you have difficulty placing your hips on the ground in the beginning, then you can use a small pillow to keep it under your hips.

Step 7:

Make sure that you do not feel any kind of pain or knee pain in this situation.

Step 8:

Now try to stay in this position for at least 30 seconds. If you have any type of problem then you can do this asana according to your ability.

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Follow Up Poses


Follow Up Poses:

Do these yoga poses to ease and comfort after doing these yoga poses. These yoga poses are…

Beginner’s Tips:

At first, you may feel numb at the top of the feet when you sit on the floor and there may be difficulty in balancing.

Benefits Of Virasana or Hero Pose:

Let us tell you that there are many benefits to doing Veerasana. Let us know its benefits in detail

Strengthen Knees:

To do Virasana or Hero Pose, you have to sit on the knees, which causes the knee muscles to squeeze, which eliminates the pain of your knees and also strengthens them.

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Balance Digestive System:

Virasana or Hero Pose strengthens our digestive system and keeps the digestive system healthy. By regular practice of this asana, we get rid of the gas produced in the stomach and at the same time, it is comfortable for other stomach problems like constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, stomach cramps, etc.

For Women:

Virasana or Hero Pose is beneficial for women in many ways. It is beneficial for getting rid of menopause (menstruation) problem as well as it reduces swelling of the feet (through the second trimester) during pregnancy.

Control High Blood Pressure:

This asana helps in curing high blood pressure, besides it helps in the problem of asthma, and flat feet, etc. It improves blood circulation in the feet and keeps tired feet.

To Spread Hips:

In today’s era every girl wants to enlarge her hips, Virasana Or Hero Pose is a good posture to enlarge hips. Apart from this, this asana also helps in spreading your thighs through regular practice.



Precautions Virasana or Hero Pose:

  • If you have pain in your knees, do not do this asana.
  • people should avoid doing this asana. If you have any type of heart-related problem,
  • If you have trouble doing this, you can do this asana by sitting on a cushion or round pillow.
  • Any type of leg cramps during this asana, then you immediately leave that posture, do not forcefully try to do this asana.

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You may find this strange, but the truth is that yogis practicing Virasana or Hero Pose remove themselves from the prevalence of the world and succeed in keeping the mind calm.

Although this asana is quite easy to see, the muscles of the thighs, knees, ankles, and hips should be quite flexible for its practice. For this, your knees also need to bend.

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