Matsyasana or Fish Pose Steps And Benefits



Yoga is said to have originated in India in the pre-Vedic period. Not only India, China, Sri Lanka, Japan, East Asia, or we can say that almost the whole world is familiar with the word Yoga. Yoga gives our body many benefits. People know positive thinking through yoga. There are many easy things under yoga. Such as Kapalbhati, Anulom Antonyms, Tadasana, etc. All yoga practices have different significance. In this article, I will give you information about Matsyasana or Fish Pose. Regular practice of this asana helps in balancing the body and mind.



What Is Matsyasana or Fish Pose?

Matsyasana is a posture in which this asana is practiced in a fish-shaped pose by tilting the neck and waist backward. Since the neck is tilted backward in this asana, it has a better effect on the thyroid gland and helps in keeping the mind fine. Where “Matsya” means “fish” and “Asana” means “Yoga Pose”.

Matsyasana is called Fish Pose in English. Matsyasana, like all asanas, is a beneficial asana for the body, by regularization, it strengthens the muscles and increases the energy level in the body.

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Preparatory Poses:

There are some other asanas that you should practice before practicing Matsyasana or Fish Pose, and these asanas are also beneficial in maintaining health and removing many disorders from the body.



Steps To Do Matsyasana or Fish Pose:

Step 1:

Lie on your back on yoga mats, your legs should be attached, while your body is comfortable with you.

Step 2:

Place your palms under the hips, the palms will be towards the ground. Now try to bring the elbows closer to each other. The elbows will have a low position.

Step 3:

Beat the legs of your feet. The thighs and knees will remain flat on the floor.

Step 4:

Breathing in, lift the chest upwards. Raise the head upwards, and the upper part of the head will touch the ground.

Step 5:

The entire weight of the body will remain on the elbows and not on the head.

Step 6:

As soon as the chest is up, the shoulders will be under mild pressure.

Step 7:

Stay in this position as long as you feel comfortable. Maintain normal breath speed.

Step 8:

Exhale and return to the old position.

Step 9:

First, raise the head and then bring the chest back to the ground. Straighten the legs and relax

Step 10:

While doing this asana, keep the speed of respiration regular, and you can practice this yoga activity for 5 minutes.

Follow Up Poses:


Follow Up Poses:

Do these yoga poses to ease and comfort after doing these yoga poses. These yoga poses are…

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Beginner’s Tips:

Do not do this asana in case of excessive pain in the chest and throat or any other disease. This posture should be done with great care, there is a fear of sprains in the neck quickly because the torso has to be completely turned upwards.

Benefits Of  Matsyasana or Fish Pose:

Many-body disorders disappear If you practice Matsyasana or Fish Pose daily. This asana is very beneficial for good health. In this asana, the thyroid gland located in the neck is better due to the bending process.

Respiratory Disease:

Matsyasana or Fish Pose reduces the symptoms of asthma. Apart from this, this asana is also beneficial in curing respiratory diseases.

Cure Headache:

The headache problem starts due to excess pressure on the neck. In this situation, headaches are removed by doing Matsyasana.

Remove Impotence:

By practicing this Yogasan daily, sexual power increases in men and the problem of impotence is overcome.

Beneficial For Piles:

If you have a problem with hemorrhoids, then Matsyasana stops bleeding in piles.

Beneficial For Constipation:

After drinking water in the morning in the early hours of the morning, the problem of constipation is eliminated.

Reduce Neck Pain:

If a person is suffering from neck pain or spondylosis, then he should practice regular Matsyasana or Fish Pose with a pillow. By doing this asana regularly, pain and suffering disappear.

Reduce Insomnia:

Daily practice of Matsyasana or Fish Pose insomnia problem is off and you can sleep well and deep into the night.



Precautions Matsyasana or Fish Pose:

  • Since Matsyasana or Fish Pose is an asana associated with the neck and muscles. Therefore special care is required while doing this asana.
  • If you are suffering from high or low blood pressure, then you should avoid Matsyasana or Fish Pose.
  • If you have a chronic neck injury or severe pain in your back and waist, avoid doing this asana.
  • Matsyasana or Fish Pose should be avoided in pregnancy because it puts more pressure on the womb and can cause many problems.
  • Hernia patients should not posture.
    If a person is suffering from a migraine problem then he should not.

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If you are tired of working even during the day and you feel the call of coffee, then you can make Matsyasana or Fish Pose a part of your everyday life. With the regular practice of Matsyasana, the body remains energetic throughout the day. You remain energetic and lively every moment of your life.

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