11 Easy And Effective Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat

yoga to reduce belly fat

yoga to reduce belly fat

Yoga is an easy way to reduce belly fat. Everyone wants to be slim and fit, be it women or men. Today we will tell you how you can reduce the extra fat around the abdomen and waist through yoga. A slim waist looks attractive and sexy. There are many types of exercises to reduce the stomach and waist, which can easily reduce the abdomen and waist, but you need to go to the gym to do those exercises. In this article today, we are going to tell you how to do some yoga to reduce belly fat, so that you can easily get a slim and attractive body at home. 

Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat:

Below is the information about the ways of doing some yoga asanas to reduce the waist and abdomen, and the benefits from them, so that you can do these yoga asanas easily.

1. Navasana Yoga Or Boat Pose To Reduce Belly Fat:



Navasana or Boat Pose is very beneficial yoga to get a thin waist. Navasana activates the rectus and transverse abdoinism and strengthens the abdomen, hip flexion, spine. It helps relieve stress and improves digestion. Reduces waist fat and strengthens the back muscles. This asana also tones the leg muscles.

Steps To Do Navasana:

  • To do Navasana, spread a yoga mat and sit with both of your legs straight in front of you.
  • Keep your spine straight and both hands straight on the ground.
  • Now keep both legs straight and lift up.
  • To balance, you lean slightly backward and keep the arms straight towards you.
  • In this posture, a 45-degree angle will be formed between the legs and the upper body at the waist.

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2. Virabhadrasana II Or Warrior Pose II Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat:

Virabhadrasana II


Virabhadrasana II Yoga is a very effective yoga asana to reduce the stomach and waist. It is very effective for the stomach and thighs. It opens the hips and works the abdominal muscles. Virabhadrasana II Yoga especially works on the inner thighs and waist. The best thing about this asana is that both the legs get exercised simultaneously at the same time.

Steps To Do Virabhadrasana II:

  • To perform Veerabhadrasana II, first of all, spread a yoga mat in a clean place and spread it on both legs.
  • Parallel both hands with the ground and rotate the right foot toes 90 degrees and the left foot toes 45 degrees.
  • Turn your head also in the direction of the right foot and bend the knee of the right foot 90 degrees.
  • In this state, you stay for 30 to 60 seconds.

3. Trikonasana Or Triangle Pose Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat:



Trikonasana yoga is a very good yoga asana for thinning the waist. This yoga is also extremely beneficial in stretching the inner thighs and abdominal muscles and strengthening the spine. Trikonasana yoga opens the hips, hamstrings, shoulders, chest, and calf along with it also helps in reducing fat from the room area.

Steps To Do Trikonasana:

  • To do Trikonasana Yoga, you should stand on a yoga mat with both feet far apart, bend your right leg side, and keep your hands on the ground.
  • Now straighten the other hand by raising it so that both hands are in a straight line.
  • Stay in this posture for some time, if you have difficulty in placing your hands on the ground, then you can keep the hands on top of the feet.

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4. Janusirsasana Or Head-to-Knee Pose Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat:

Janushirashasan Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat


If you want to reduce the excess fat in your stomach and waist, then Janushirashasan Yoga can be a good option for you. Janushirasasan Yoga not only helps in reducing the enlarged circumference of the waist but it also reduces your stomach. This asana strengthens the muscles of the hip bone and abdomen. It prevents constipation and increases blood flow to the abdominal area. Janushirasasana yoga makes the spine more flexible and also reduces excess fat from the hips.

Steps To Do Janusirsasana:

  • To do Janushirasasana, you sit in a clean place with a yoga mat, with both feet of the bed straight in front.
  • Now place your right foot on the thigh of the left foot of the bend.
  • With both your hands upward, stand up straight.
  • Now tilt your upper body down towards the left leg and grab the left toes.
  • Place your head on the knee of the left leg.
  • While in this posture, breathe 5 to 10 times.

5. Virabhadrasana I Or Warrior Pose I Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat:

Virabhadrasana I Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat


Virabhadrasana I or Warrior pose I am one of the best poses to reduce the extra fat around the abdomen and waist. It strengthens and tones hands, shoulders, legs, and abdominals. This opens the chest and ensures proper blood flow to each area of ​​your body.

Steps To Do Virabhadrasana I:

  • To perform Virabhadrasana, you place a yoga mat in a clean place and stand directly on it.
  • Keep a distance of about 3.5 feet between your two legs.
  • Now lift the palms of both your hands and join them above your head.
  • After this, rotate the paws of your right foot at a 90 degree angle and the left foot paws rotate 45 degrees.
  • Then turn your head towards your right foot and bend the leg from right knee to thigh parallel to the floor.
  • Now tilt your head backward and look at the sky.
  • Stay in this posture for 40 to 60 seconds.
  • Do the same action again with the other leg.

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6. Malasana Or Garland Pose:

Malasana Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat


By rubbing, the stomach and waist are strengthened and fat is reduced. This posture also relieves constipation and gas problems.

Steps To Do Malasana:

  • For this asana, sit in a posture of bowel movement and keep hands in a posture of salutation. There should be a little distance between your two legs.
  • Place the elbows of both hands on the knees in a pose of salutation.
  • Hold this pose for a few seconds and take a deep breath and leave it outside.
  • Now in the sitting position, bring both the legs together and keep the hands forward.
  • After that, raise both hands above the armpit and lift them above the head and join both hands.
  • Now bring both hands slowly back down and keep them near the toes of both feet.
  • In the same position, raise the waist and the hips from the back, bend, and then stand up straight, slowly coming up.

7. Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose:



Dhanurasana yoga is a very good yoga asana to reduce the stomach and waist. In this posture, your position is seen like a raised bow. This asana helps to stretch all the muscles in front of your body.

Steps To Do Dhanurasana:

  • To do this asana, lie on your stomach with a yoga mat spread on it, keep both hands parallel to the body and bend the legs backward.
  • Now move your hands back and hold both feet with both hands.
  • Try to stay in this posture for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Finally, open both hands to their initial position.

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8. Paschimottanasana Or Seated Forward Bend:



Paschimottanasana is an asana that bends forward and gives a good stretch to the entire body. Doing Paschimottanasana Yoga helps to reduce fat from your waist. This posture controls blood pressure and improves blood circulation. It relieves stress and calms your mind.

Steps To Do Paschimottanasana:

  • To perform Paschimottanasana, sit in Dandasana by placing both the legs of the yoga mat upright in front of you in a clean place.
  • Lift both your hands straight.
  • Now slowly bend forward and grab the toes with both your hands.
  • Put your head on your knees.
  • Do this asana for 30 to 60 seconds.

9. Salabhasana Or Locust Pose Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat:

Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat


Doing Shalabhasana yoga puts pressure on your waist, this pressure helps reduce excess fat from your waist. Shalabhasana strengthens your upper and lowers back muscles. This asana strengthens your arms and increases your body’s endurance.

Steps To Do Shalabhasana:

  • To perform Shalabhasana yoga, you should spread the yoga mat in one place and lie on it on your stomach.
  • Keep both hands and feet straight on the floor.
  • Now raise your torso and both legs upwards.
  • Together, raise both hands as well.
  • You try to stay in this posture for at least 20 seconds.

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10. Ardha Chandrasana Or Half Moon Pose Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat:

Ardha Chandrasana


Ardha Chandrasana Yoga is very good for a thin waist, it can easily reduce your waist. Ardha Chandrasana Yoga strengthens your legs, buttocks, and spine. It stretches your hamstrings and opens your hips.

Steps To Do Ardha Chandrasana:

  • To do Ardha Chandrasana Yoga, you should spread a yoga mat on the floor and stand upright on it.
  • Keep the right foot forward and lift the left leg up while filling it with the body.
  • Now place the right hand on the floor and straighten the left hand towards the front.
  • In this case, your body will be parallel to the floor.
  • Do this asana for 15 to 30 seconds.

11. Parivritta Sukhasana Or Revolved Easy Pose Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat:

Parivritta Sukhasana


Parivruta Sukhasana Yoga is very beneficial to reduce your fat. Performing ecstatic relaxation causes your waist to stretch. This yoga helps in reducing the fat in the waist.

Steps To Do Parivritta Sukhasana:

  • To perform Parivrata Sukhasana Yoga, you first bend your two legs and sit in the position of Sukhasana Yoga.
  • Keep your spine completely straight.
  • Now, while sitting permanently, turn your upper body and head towards the right.
  • Place the left hand on the knee of the right foot and keep the right hand straight on the ground.
  • For some time you remained in this state of ecstatic pleasures and then do this entire action on the left side.


The more fat on the stomach, the greater will be the risk of diseases. With the help of these yoga asanas, the abdominal fat can be reduced in a very short time. These yoga asanas not only reduce the fat from the stomach but also keep the body and brain healthy.

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