Steps And Benefits Of Mandukasana Or Frog Pose


Mandukasana Or Frog Pose yoga is one of the major postures of yoga asanas. The person performing this asana looks like a frog. Mandukasana is a beneficial yoga for our body in many ways, people doing this asana remain free from problems like diabetes. It helps in making your stomach flat by burning excess fat from the stomach. It tones the entire abdominal area and removes all types of diseases related to the stomach. So, here let’s know more about Mandukasana Or Frog Pose.

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What Is Mandukasana Or Frog Pose?

The word Mandukasana is derived from the Sanskrit language. It is made up of two words “Manduk” and “Asana”, in which Mandook means “Frog” and Asana means “Yoga Pose”. In the final position of this asana, the posture of the yogi is like a frog and hence this asana is called Mandukasana or Frog Pose.

This asana is one of the important yoga poses to give a proper massage to the abdominal organs. It is a simple asana that can be performed by anyone in all age groups. Let’s know in detail how to do this asana.

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Right Time To Do Mandukasana Or Frog Pose:

According to experts, this asana is considered best when yogis practice this mudra in the morning. This should be done in the morning because the food is digested by it and at the same time, the body has the energy to do asanas. For some reason, if you cannot practice it in the morning, then you can practice this asana in the evening as well. But at least keep a gap of 3 to 5 hours between your practice and food.

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Preparatory Poses Of Mandukasana Or Frog Pose:

Before doing Mandukasana Yoga, practice some of the asanas given below, which will make it easier for you to do Mandukasana.

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Mandukasana Or Frog Pose


Steps To Do Mandukasana Or Frog Pose:

To take full advantage of rugs, it is necessary to practice Madukasana Steps properly and understand them properly. It is necessary for both Mandukasana for Beginners and regular practitioners to follow the same rules. The difference is only in the practice period.

Step 1:

For the practice of Mandukasana, first, choose a quiet and airy place. The mat or yoga mat should bend both legs from below the knees to the buttocks and sit on top of it or in Vajrasana.

Step 2:

Fill deep breaths, feel the breaths going up to the stomach and count 15 to twenty by stopping the breaths inside itself. Then slowly release the breath out of the mouth.

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Step 3:

Now fold the thumb of both hands inward and tie the fist with the fingers. Take both fists near the navel and keep them on both sides.

Step 4:

Take long deep breaths and start bending towards the front while exhaling. Keep in mind that due to both the fists being near the navel, there will be pressure on the stomach while bending.

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Step 5:

Go as low as you can and withholding the breath, keep your eyes completely in front of you. Count from fifteen to twenty in your mind and breathe in.

Step 6:

Slowly lift the body upright. Make the hands normal and let the breath become normal. Thus a cycle of Mandukasana was completed.

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Step 7:

Then inhale and return to the initial position Vajrasana.

Step 8:

Start the practice of Mandukasana from three to five cycles and in the coming days with the practice, the time of stopping down and increasing the number of cycles should be increased. In this way, the benefits of this asana from practice will begin to be realized soon.

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Mandukasana Or Frog Pose


Benefits Of Mandukasana Or Frog Pose:

There are many benefits of doing Mandukasana yoga. This asana helps to remove various diseases from our bodies. Let us know in detail the benefits of doing this asana.

Improve Digestive System:

Mandukasana Yoga massages the entire abdominal organs, which is good for the smooth functioning of these organs. This asana improves the functioning of the digestive system and the excretory system. It is a very beneficial asana in treating all stomach-related problems. It is helpful in releasing unwanted gases from the stomach which makes you feel relaxed and calm.

Reduce Weight: Mandukasana Or Frog Pose

Mandukasana yoga controls weight. Thus it is effective for those who are craving weight loss and a flat stomach. It is also beneficial in the condition of constipation and indigestion. It reduces excess fat from easy thighs and hips.

Reducing Stress: Mandukasana Or Frog Pose

Mandukasana yoga can be practiced to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Traditional texts also state that this asana helps in awakening the Kundalini.

Beneficial For Diabetes Patients:

The benefits of Mandukasana Yoga increase the amount of insulin in the body. Therefore it is beneficial for curing diabetes. This asana improves the pancreas. It is effective for controlling high blood sugar and is also beneficial in heart diseases.

Beneficial For Pancreas: Mandukasana Or Frog Pose

The practice of this asana activates the pancreas in the body and then works well. Due to which the amount of insulin in the body increases and the body is healthy.

Reduces Burning Sensation In The Stomach:

By doing Mandukasana, this asana helps in relieving problems like stomach gas, constipation, burning, not digesting food. Practice it regularly only provides benefits.

Beneficial For Liver: Mandukasana Or Frog Pose

If the liver becomes weak then many types of diseases occur in the body. Food is not digested properly due to the weakening of the liver. If gas is produced again and again, then Mandukasana helps in curing this disease. The practice of paddock posture makes the liver strong.

Helps To Regular Menstruation:

The problem of irregular menstruation is often found in women today. If menstruation does not occur at the right time, in such a situation, the practice of Mandukasana helps to improve irregular menstruation.

Makes Knees Strong:

To perform this asana, one has to sit in Vajrasana, due to which the knees are stretched due to which the knees become strong.

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Mandukasana Or Frog Pose


Precautions To Do Mandukasana Or Frog Pose:

Before doing Mandukasana Yoga and to take full advantage of this asana, you must keep the following precautions in your mind-

  • People who are suffering from stomach injury and any kind of back pain should not do this asana.
  • If you are troubled by the pain of suffocation, do not do this asana.
  • If you have a stomach ulcer, then you should avoid practicing this asana.
  • Do not stretch your stomach too much during the asana.
  • If you are troubled by problems like high blood pressure, insomnia, migraine, then do not do this asana.
  • Pregnant women should not do this asana.
  • Be sure to consult a doctor before practicing this asana.
  • Do this asana in front of a yoga instructor.

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Mandukasana strengthens the body’s resistance. It improves the digestive system and gets rid of other stomach diseases. This asana is very useful in controlling high blood pressure and heart related diseases. So, do this yoga asana to get these benefits.

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