10 Top Yoga For Yoga For Heart Blockage

Heart blockage is a serious problem in the heart, which is becoming very common nowadays, in earlier times this problem used to happen only to elderly people, but today due to poor eating it is also starting to happen to the youth. Doing yoga is very beneficial for heart blockage. Taking deep and long breaths during yoga keeps you away from all types of heart diseases. The main cause of heart blockage is high cholesterol in the body. So, here let’s know about some yoga for heart blockage.

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Yoga For Heart Blockage:

Because of heart blockage, our heartbeat starts to stop. Due to which there is discomfort in chest pain, dizziness, and early fatigue. Here see some yoga for heart blockage. Hereby doing yoga, one can easily get rid of the problem of heart blockage.

1. Anulom Vilom: Yoga For Heart Blockage

Anulom Vilom Pranayama is a breath control yoga that helps in healing heart blockages by lowering cholesterol. This pranayama helps to open or clean the block pulse or energy channel, removes stress and tension and increases the rate of metabolism as well as controls cholesterol levels.

Steps To Do Anulom Vilom:

  • To do this pranayama, first of all, spread a yoga mat on the ground and sit in Sukhasana, Siddhasana, Padmasana, or Vajrasana.
  • Now raise your right hand and close the right nostril with the thumb and take a long breath through the left nostril.
  • Now close the left nostril with the ring finger of your right hand and exhale through the right nostril.
  • In this case, your left hand will remain on the knee.

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2. Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose: Yoga For Heart Blockage

Dhanurasana yoga helps in healing heart blockage. This helps to bring your cholesterol levels under control. This asana is very beneficial for the waist and spinal cord. Performing Dhanurasana exercises the muscles of the entire body from neck to back and lower back.

Steps To Do Dhanurasana: yoga For Heart Blockage

  • To perform Dhanurasana yoga, lay a yoga mat on the ground and lie on it on the stomach.
  • Now keep both your hands parallel to the body, now bend your two legs backward from here on your knees.
  • Move your hands backward and hold both legs with both hands.
  • Try to stay in this posture for at least 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Finally, open both hands to their initial position.

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3. Paschimottanasana Or Seated Forward Bend: 

Paschimottanasana Yoga is very helpful in correcting heart blockages. This asana stimulates the liver and kidneys, in addition, it reduces obesity and gets rid of excess fat from the stomach area.

Steps To Do Paschimottanasana:

  • To perform Paschimottanasana, sit in Dandasana by placing both the legs of the yoga mat upright in front of you in a clean place.
  • Lift both your hands straight.
  • Now slowly bend forward and grab the toes with both your hands.
  • Put your head on your knees.
  • Do this asana for 20 to 60 seconds.

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4. Ardha Matsyendrasana Or Half Fish Pose:

To cure heart blockage, you should do Ardha Matsyendrasana Yoga. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol. This posture involves almost the entire body including the spine and legs. So in terms of health, it is very effective for various body parts, it lifts your spine and helps in relieving back pain.

Steps To Do Ardha Matsyendrasana:

  • To do Ardha Matsyendrasana Yoga, first of all, spread a yoga mat and sit on it in Dandasana.
  • Keep your right foot outward at the knee side of the left foot.
  • Keep the spine straight, rotate your neck, shoulder, and waist right.
  • Remain in this posture for a few seconds and then do the whole process with the other leg.

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5. Gomukhasana Or Cow Face Pose:

You can do Gomukhasana Yoga to overcome heart blockages. There are many benefits of performing Gumukhasana and this asana has been considered very beneficial asana for women. By doing this asana, bones are strengthened and many stomach-related diseases are also cured.

Steps To Do Gomukhasana:

  • To do Gomukhasana Yoga, you sit in the Sukhasana of a yoga mat laying.
  • Bring your right leg to your body, then pull your left leg from the top of the right thigh.
  • Now move your right hand from the top of the shoulder to the back and bend the left hand from the elbow to take it behind the back and mix your two hands together.
  • Stay in this position for 30-60 sec.

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6. Setu Bandhasana Or Bridge Pose:

Setu Bandhasana yoga works effectively for heart blockage. Sethu Bandhasana is one of the best asanas to give strength and stretch to the body, doing this asana provides relief from back pain and headache.

Steps To Do Setu Bandhasana:

  • To perform the Sethubandha posture, you lie down on the back of a yoga mat, ie straight.
  • After that, bend your legs from here on your knees and lift your hips above the floor while putting weight on both feet.
  • Bring both your hands under the back and join the two of them together with the finger stuck in the finger.
  • While in this position, breathe 20 times and release the posture.

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7. Sarvangasana Or Shoulderstand:

Sarvangasana yoga can help in correcting heart blockages by bringing your cholesterol levels under control. This yoga is beneficial for purifying and strengthening blood circulation and to clean the veins of dirty blood.

Steps To Do Sarvangasana:

  • To do this asana, lie straight on your back.
  • Now turn both your legs from here to the waist and make them up.
  • After this, lift the back with both hands.
  • Raise your legs up to the maximum height.
  • In this case, your reed bone and your feet should be in a straight line.
  • In this posture, you have to stop for at least 30 seconds.

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8. Trikonasana Or Triangle Pose: Yoga For Heart Blockage

Trikonasana Yoga helps in healing heart blockages naturally. This yoga pose is very beneficial for strengthening the muscles and joints of the body.

Steps To Do Trikonasana:

  • Stand in a relaxed posture.
  • Spread the right foot 3 to 5 feet.
  • Turn left leg 45 degrees and right leg 90 degrees.
  • While breathing, spread the arms at the height of the shoulders. In this case, the palms should be kept in the direction of the ground.
  • Move the hips back and bring the upper part of the body to the right.
  • While exhaling, move the right palm behind the right leg.
  • Move the left hand up towards the ceiling.
  • Try turning the head in the direction of the left hand. In this state, the spinal cord should be straight and neck relaxed.
  • Remain in this posture for 10 to 30 seconds.

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9. Tadasana Or Mountain Pose:

Yoga Tadasana helps to overcome heart diseases such as heart attack and heart attack. By doing Tadasana regularly, the muscles of the body get flexibility. Along with this, this yoga not only keeps you fit, but it also keeps your body in shape.

Steps To Do Tadasana:

  • To do Tadasana Yoga, make a distance of half to one foot between your two legs and stand upright on a yoga mat.
  • Now raise both your hands and snuggle your fingers together.
  • After that, turn both your palms upside down, so that the palms of the hands are turned towards the sky.
  • Now pull both hands and feet up and lift the ankles up and stand on the feet.
  • Stay in Tadasana for 20-30 seconds.

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10. Vrikshasana Or Tree Pose: Yoga For Heart Blockage

Doing Vriksasana yoga is very beneficial to keep your heart safe from all kinds of diseases. Vriksasana is a pose that helps in balancing and increasing concentration in the body.

Steps To Do Vriksasana:

  • You should first stand up straight or come to Tadasana.
  • Reduce the space between the legs and keep the arms straight.
  • Raise the right leg and hold the ankle with the right hand.
  • With the help of both hands, place the right heel on the upper part of the left thigh.
  • The direction of the toes should be towards the bottom and press the thigh from the sole of the right foot.
  • Keep in mind that make the bent leg right-angled with the other leg.
  • Now add the palms and fingers to the prayer posture, lift them up and place it on the chest, then slowly lift them and lift them above the head.
  • Both your hands should be adjacent to the head.
  • Keep the balance of the body for some time and keep this state according to yourself.
  • Now move your hands down and return to the original position.
  • Then do the same process from the other side.
  • In this way, you do 3 to 5 cycles.

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Conclusion: Yoga For Heart Blockage

So, these are the yoga for heart blockage, which can be practiced by patients who have heart blockage. You can also do these yoga poses to prevent heart blockage. If you have a serious condition in then do consult with a doctor before doing these yoga poses.

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